Lisa Gawlas – As Within, So Without!! The New Moon Turns It All On!! – 27 July 2014

lisagawlas2Here we are… Day one of a brand new beginning!  (again lol)   Ok maybe some re-do’s on steroids.  This rolling energy is not bias, does not see what you and I do, “good experience or bad experience,”  it just feels core energy and creates/ignites/rattles from those waves.  For us aligned with the Light of Love, dreams WILL come true and quite rapidly.  For those still deep in duality, well, the density of duality will kick it up a notch or 30.  Keep in mind, to the loving, unbiased universe, nothing is bad, there is only experience and choice to experience more of that, which is gladly and abundantly provides for, or done with that and time for something new.  Either way, everyone’s power grid has been charged!!

You can look at your place in it thru the last two days… have you been more irritable or more expanded in your love, wanting to hug everything and everyone.  Remember, there is no good or bad, in order to fully arrive where we are going anywayz, we gotta get there clear as a bell, so neutral in our view of the world and all thats happening with it.  Benevolent on all fronts.

My own personal body has been very busy sweating.  I woke up the day before the new moon pouring sweat from my forehead and my neck ALL DAMN DAY LONG.  The rest of my body was in a constant sweat too, but not near as much as those two places.  Just because of what i do every day, I can fully understand that, my vision and my voice both going thru frequency upgrade, hey, I gotta match every one of you if I am to do what I do effectively.

Yesterday tho, the dripping sweat spread out to not only my forehead and my throat, but the inner bends of my elbows too and by afternoon, my upper chest was dripping as well.  It didn’t even matter what I did, parked a fan two inches in front of me, sat under the ceiling fan… I was still very much a sweat factory.  Not so much hot as I was sweaty.  Weird.  But not really either.

The readings the day before the moon has one major theme to them, energy in its various forms coming in to fire the grid of personal lives.  Not to mention, I had five readings that day and with each and every one of them, I was completely unplugged at the fifteen minute mark.  I have never seen this happen so consistently as it did that day.  I was able to connect to each person, but not even one second longer than 15 earth minutes (smile.)

The first four people on that day (day before the new moon) had some form of incoming energy that was activating the outer grid initially, each in its unique presentation, seeped inwards to activate the fibrous threads between the inner and out grid and then into the heart grid.  I was kept from seeing beyond the outer grid and I do understand why, the increased and directed frequency as it rolled inwards.

If you think about how important that is to understand… the activation of your “world’s stage” must happen first as it the energy concentrates deep into your heart.  What I really found interesting is the forms in which the energy came in.  This morning, I can only remember two vividly, simply because they are both familiar to me.  One was coming in from the comet “Rosetta.”  All I could think of was the “Rosetta Stone.”  lol With this person, I could see tons of light energy coming in as if from the tail of a comet, and from top to bottom, left to right, started to fire her northwest grid at her outer created level.  To me, just knowing it was from the Rosetta comet had me completely aligned with the Rosetta stone, which is a tool to teach foreign language to people, this comet serves a similar purpose… for the language of light to be learned thru her.  Do not misunderstand that sentence.  By her very nature and the core of her energy, she truly is the expression of loving light on this planet, as any great unrequited love(r) will experience in this time, the language of love back to them.  Nothing can ever be one way, and this lady gives and shares and expands with patience, generosity and grace, so that MUST me what is provided back to her in this incredible phase.  It is one thing to be “That” in your heart, but to allow the field of life to be “that” back to you, allowing and teaching others to be “that” thru you… a gift beyond gifts.

And just a little note that has become so clear this morning, anyone who thinks the language of light is anything other than the fullest expression of LOVE IN ACTION, well, there will be more to learn. I had the last of the four ladys really turn my stomach (smile.)  Good ol’ Thor (God of thunder) showed up, very much in the same placement as the lady I just talked about (northwest area.)  He was about 15 feet above the ground and outside what I call your outer most created field, and he slammed down that damn hammer.  The energy waves came in and amplified her grid and my solar plexus.  Every time he slammed that hammer down my stomach did flip flops, it was all I could do not to vomit.  Fifteen minutes was all I could really take of him!! lol

Let’s look at the bigger picture of Thor, the lightning and thunder storms that have been so prevent on earth these days.  The lightning activates an powers things up, but the thunder is the echo of that energy.  It is a reflection of what is happening within you as bits and parts fire up.  Thunder is the sound waves rolling across the sky, your heart center should equally be the thunder rolling across the earth, echoing love and power, light and electricity for others to absorb.  Not by talking about yourself (smile) or making yourself “seen” but by Being YOU.  Pure love without an agenda.  To live your Life as the pure expression of Lightning, highly charged particles of love in motion in all you think, do and say.

It is time for it all to roll on back to you!!   As within, so without!!

My last lady of that day, number 5 to boot, thank god gave us a little sneak peek on the other side of the moon.  After Thor, I couldn’t take in any more activation energy without exploding one way or another lol.  Ohhh and my Thor lady, has been nauseous  for the better part of this year.  That should cease tremendously now.

I realized last evening, after a surprise four hour power nap, everything about this day before the new moon was relevant for everyone in their own way.  The actual storms upon earth are doing more than we realize.  New Mexico, at least my little part of it, has had thunder and lightning just about every day since June a month early for our monsoon season. But my last lady of that day, I could see two posts on what I knew to be the other side of the new moon.  As if a new deck or some sort of platform was being constructed.  I also knew that the first post was put in at her west field (harvest energy) and the second one after that, at her east field (new opportunities, new growth, etc) and looked kinda like this (only much wider from post to post and no steps, they were in the ground:

Link to picture

Around both posts were what I recognized to be construction horses, or those noticeable things that lets people know construction is happening here.  Just as I was trying to snoop out more information about what is in her construction, I felt it, the unplugging.  Dammit.  I looked at the clock, exactly fifteen minutes in.

So I have to ponder… why that exact time limit, 15 minutes, a quarter of an hour?  Nothing is ever just because in readings.  I have a feeling that it is representing a quarter of the way to the equinox (September 23rd) for us to really see our construction and decide one more time, is this really the energy I want to live within for the remainder of this cycle?  That’s my story today and I am sticking to it!!  lol

Everyone of us has construction workers setting the stage of our next grand adventures, those workers are called our CORE FEELINGS.  Again, not what you want to feel or what you think you may be feeling, but the true resonance within your entire Being.  We can (and often do) fool ourselves, but we cannot fool those construction workers and what is showing up for you as your life experience.

Someone turned up my inner steam engine yesterday.  I got up and sat down to write my sharing and the sweat was wayyyy to distracting.  Not only was my forehead and neck dripping, but the inside area of my elbows were too. My mind felt way to lofty to even write several words at a time.  I got two sentences in (took me over an hour to do that) and I gave up.  n

Not surprising at all, I could not connect at all to those on my field.  Not to mention, just connecting to anyone, whether it be in a reading, my landlady coming over, whatever, I picked up in the steam engine department.  You make me sweat!!  lol

I had five readings schedule for yesterday, my last two were both in New Zealand, I knew they were waking up earlier to connect with me and I planned on at least talking to them, just before noon my internet went down.  I decided to go sweat on my couch and watch for that green internet light to blink back on… four hours later, I woke up.

What the hell!!?????  I completely slept thru my last two appointments but stranger even still… my hummers were in a frenzy, every one of their feeders were empty, my other birds, all their food was gone too.  That is impossible.  I filled everything just before I passed out, my hummers are pigs but they don’t blow thru a whole gallon of sugar water in 4 hours, nor do my other birds eat everything in four hours, yet it was all gone.  Hmmmmmmm!

Something slipped out of my mouth in one of my conversations yesterday morning…

Those aligned with the higher energies of light as we pass this new moon phase, WILL BE the ones constructing the new, higher frequency earth we will experience in October.

During my long siesta, I must have slipped from one earth to the new one we are constructing now.  Our job obviously is to feed everyone a new from the nectar of life’s garden, OUR HEART.

Speaking of hearts, when I woke up from my power nap, the entirety of my upper chest was joining the sweat fest too.  I had every intention of sitting in the Jemez River just to cool my insides down, when Thor showed up with his hammer.  It started thundering and lightning outside and a wonderful downpour ensued.  I remained a sweaty mess utnil I passed out after midnight.  Strangely enough, I didn’t stink.  I know it was pure energy hitting my inner circuits.

Of course, getting back to sleep so late had me waking up late (after 7am this morning) which equally had me missing my 7am appointment with Australia this morning.  What the heck… am I purposely being delayed in connecting to those across the pond??

This is going to be a very very interesting time as we build into the next Super Moon of August.

Remember, you are the one giving your construction workers the instruction of your new landscape… if you do not like an element, find the inner core element (feeling) that is producing that instruction and change it!!

Happy New beginnings to everyone wrapped in sweaty (but not stinky lol) ((((((HUGZ))))))

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