Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 422 – 31 July 2014

AishaNorthYou have for a long time now been prepared to step fully back up to the helm and take over the rudder. In other words, you have been primed to reenter your roles as co-creators of this magnificent world of yours and now, we would like to add some additional information on the topic of said Creation. You see, you have in many ways been trained to focus in a direction that will enable you to literally overlook the obvious, but now your lenses have been corrected as it were, and it is time to once again turn your eyes to the very core. And when we say core, we mean that in a very literal way, for you have been well trained to focus on all of the fuzz and interference and static that has been brought into your line of vision, so you could not see through it even if you tried. But now the lines have been untangled and the smoke has been aired out, and so, you must once again begin to focus in the right direction.

As usual we speak in parables, but we think you will all begin to see through our words and start to connect to the deeper truths that lie there. For as you have spent so many lifetimes embroiled in all of the hue and cry that has been kicked up by those intent on keeping you away from seeing this truth, you have become habituated to look in the direction the finger is pointing instead if looking at the finger itself, and so, what has been going on behind the facade has been out of your line of vision in every way. But now, you will be asked to stop staring in the same direction you have been used to, and to tear your eyes and indeed your mind away from the obvious. For now, we will ask you to start to look into the void, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For mankind has become so used to thinking that only what they see, can exist, and so you world has shrunk down to something you find manageable and comfortable, and you have set up barriers that have kept anything intangible at bay. But now, you must start to look at the in-between, the things that seem not to be there, but that is really the space that makes everything else possible.

We have earlier referred to the fact that 1 and 1 makes 3, and now, we would like you all to focus on the space between the 1s that makes up the missing part, the active ingredient that to you so far has seemed to be non-existent, but that is in actual fact the whole point that everything else pivots around. You see, you have a brain that has been trained to classify everything it encounters through the senses by size and shape, by texture and by structure, by colour and by volume. And so, whatever does not fit in in such a system does not really exist at all, it is simply “air” or “empty space”, and as such, it has been dismissed as unimportant and uninteresting. But now, we ask you all to focus on this instead, for that is where all of the answers lie. This “empty space” is where life as you know it arises, it is where it all comes together to become, it is where the black and the white conjoins and sets itself alight, it is the spark that lights the fire, the line that connects the dots, it is where the inbreath becomes the outbreath and where the inner meets the outer so the two of them can exist simultaneously.

We know that what we say will make many a head spin, but we also know that it is this very spinning that will help to clear away any remaining cobwebs, as your whole system will still be trying to wander down the old and worn roads instead of seeking out into unknown and presumably empty territory. For you think that what you see is what you get, but now, it will be the other way around. For it is what you cannot yet “see” that will give you everything you dream of, and then some.

So look away from the obvious, and do not let yourself be ensnared by the old familiar shapes and symbols that surround you, but look instead into the spaces in between them, and then, you will begin to see what it is that is actually making up the fabric of your universe. For it is not the matter you can see that matters, it is what is around the matter that really matters, and this is what today’s lesson is all about. So shake your head and take a good look around and inside and outside yourself and see beyond the obvious and the fathomable, and start to look deeply into what to your eyes and your mind does not exist. For then, and only then, will you begin to see the shape of what is to come, and it is unimaginably wonderful, limitless and beautiful beyond compare. / link to original article


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