‘Null & Void’: Ugandan Court Overturns ‘Draconian’ Anti-Gay Law – 1 August 2014

RT logoUganda’s highest court annulled a controversial anti-gay law that punished homosexual activity with up to life imprisonment. The court ruled that the bill was passed illegally late last year while opposition also claimed it violated fundamental rights.

“I can confirm the anti-homosexuality law has been struck down. The judge said there were irregularities in the process of its enactment and also there was no quorum in parliament,” said Nicholas Opio, a lawyer for a group of 10 Ugandans – including two Ugandan rights organizations – opposed to the law who petitioned the constitutional court to declare the strict law invalid.

The panel of five judges ruled that the bill was passed by the Ugandan parliament in December without the necessary quorum of lawmakers, as at least three of MPS opposed the legislation. Thus, the bill was ratified and signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni back in February illegally.

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