Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 2 August 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is within every human heart a desire to feel safe and secure. You seek it in so many ways in your human lives. You seek it by filling up your bank accounts. You seek it by locking your doors. You seek it by avoiding eye contact with others, by strengthening yourselves, by avoiding risk, and even by building armies.

And while many of these things are very practical and even necessary in your human reality, it is always the underlying energy that will ultimately dictate how you experience life. In truth safety and security are qualities of the soul that have more to do with the vibration in which you reside. There are those who make money in times of recession. There are those who lose in times of great abundance. There are forces of nature which can wipe away any human wall or boundary, while the tiniest opening in a human heart to receive love can allow the protective forces of grace to flow into one’s life. As always, your internal state of being has a much greater influence over your life than your external circumstances.

So, by all means do the practical things in your lives. Don’t walk down a dark alley if your instinct tells you not to. Lock your doors if you do not want to expend your energy creating the level of internal security needed to keep intruders out. Save your money to feel comfortable. However, know that your internal state of being will always be a greater force of security than any or all of these things. Surround yourselves with light. Surround your homes with light. Imagine putting light and love into every aspect of your life. For ultimately love is the greatest protection of all.

Like a baby resting in peace and security within a mother’s womb, you too rest in the sanctuary, safety and security of God’s grace. Unlike a baby however, you must use your free will choose to focus on that reality in order to experience it. In the face of adversity, choose faith. In the face of anger, choose love. In the face of fear, choose to pray and breathe and ask for comfort. In your Creator is where your deepest and truest form of security rests.

So yes, dear ones, do the practical things, for you are human, but also know that safety and security, in the vibrational sense, are already and always there. All you must do is believe and receive.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Hi Everyone,

I have heard so many stories that illustrate the angels’ point about security resting within. I know a woman who, in the middle of being physically attacked, surrendered her life to God’s grace, and were cast aside by the attacker. I knew a lady who was accosted by a man with a knife in Italy on a vacation. She was tall and he was short and she started laughing at him until he left in disgust! I know clients who have chosen faith over fear even in dire financial circumstances… and we have watched their miracles come through.

I had my own demonstration of the safety and security of resting in God’s love last weekend. I had taken time off last week to work on my website but after days of staring at the computer I knew I needed a breather. My grandfather in spirit has been telling me for some time to take a quick little vacation and when a dear client gave me free airline tickets, I knew heaven’s hints were becoming less subtle! I packed my bags and got ready for a little two day trip over the weekend. While I was pulling my car out of the driveway something stopped me and compelled me to go back inside and unplug my electronics. Without knowing why I prayed extra prayers for the protection of my home and everyone in the neighborhood. “Angels,” I whispered, “Is everything OK?” “You’ll be fine! Go have fun,” I heard them whisper back.

Driving to the airport I had total faith that all would be well. It was actually a surprise when I found out that all flights to my destination had been cancelled. Furthermore so many people from those flights had been re-routed to nearby cities that there was little likelihood of me flying via the free passes. The most logical thing to do would have been to go home and reschedule my trip. Something stopped me… I sat back, shut my eyes, and dropped into my heart. My heart wanted this trip. The angels had suggested this trip. So in spite of every shred of rational programming. I bought a ticket to a neighboring city, found a shuttle service that would drive me over an hour after I landed, and continued on my journey. Three hours later than planned and several dollars shorter, I arrived. I did not realize at the time that this “impractical” but heart-centered decision saved me from living through one of the worst storms Phoenix has seen in years.

I had no idea that while I was enjoying peace, calm, and play, my neighborhood back home was getting pounded by a macro-burst that was centered less than a few blocks from my house. The storm brought with it 100+ mile per hour winds, torrential rain, huge hail, and lightning that made the ground shake. Neighbor kids were so scared they hid in their pantry. Trees either came down or were stripped of their leaves. Roof tiles were ripped off. As I drove home from the airport it looked like a tornado had gone through the neighborhood. Debris littered the streets, but for the most part, the houses were all intact. And no one had been hurt.

I pray every day to be protected by standing in the light of God’s love. I surround everyone and everything around me with light. My huge and beautiful mesquite tree was ripped up by the roots and tossed on her side. My roof vents were ripped off and water seeped into the ceiling, causing a little damage. My shed exploded with its walls cast out in all directions. But in the greater scheme of things, my neighborhood and I were protected indeed! No homes were destroyed and no one was hurt. My elderly neighbor was home and the tree missed his house by only a few feet. It was miraculous. I did cry a few tears of grief for the tree, but I was incredibly grateful we were all spared.

Rest assured knowing that if you pray for, and truly believe in God’s protection, you will be guided to safety in your lives to. Life does “happen” as we say. We live in a collective creation of all souls on earth, and we are affected by others. But if we put our faith deeply in the Creator’s love we will be guided into a kinder and more gentle reality.

Love you all!
Ann  / link to original article


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