Lisa Gawlas – Another Massive Shift Filled With the Rapid Flow of Champagne!! – 2 August 2014

lisagawlas2Oops, we did it again!  We launched yet another massive shift in the field of Light.  This is really exciting thing, unless you are the one looking into all the shifted energy and trying to keep up with yet another new set of language!!  This time, it’s not just the language that is new, everything is!  Let me ‘splain (smile.)

My first lady showed up yesterday and I couldn’t see a darn thing, well, not at first.  I gave up and she and I started talking and that is when it came rushing in… an intense river running forward from south to north, directly thru the middle of her field, thru the area of her heart.  This was no ordinary river, it was made of energy that looked very much like champagne and flowing rapidly forward!  That is when I realized, a lot has changed, not only within us, but the field itself, and not just the one I read from.

Spirit has talked about action and communication being the way of it for this entire year.  Yesterday was such an amazing reflection of the field of energy showing up in those moments, conversation moments.  But before I get ahead of myself, lets talk about this amazing river of life made out of champagne!!

For many years, especially during my massage years, when people asked me what kind of energy I used in my session, of course the first thing they thought of was Reiki, I always replied no, if you think of Reiki like water on the earth, it is abundant and available to every living thing, but as you raise your inner frequency, there are higher energies available, and what I use you can look at as champagne instead of water.  As I was trying to understand why I was seeing the river like this, my team kicked these memories up to the forefront of my mind, so I really understood the significance of the river made of champagne energy.

The second part of significance to this rapidly flowing river started in June.  The geyser from earth forming the tsunami then the river that went into our collective past.  I suppose the river of change literally changed the energy flowing thru you, from water to champagne!!  Because again, as I was trying to understand this river, I seen the tsunami from June and the transformation as it flowed back this way (ummm future way lol) yesterday.

The huge significance with this those who had a river flowing thru them released the emotional charge(s) any of their past has had on them.  Please don’t take that to mean you wiped your memory clean, that really is impossible.  It’s any emotional charge that went with your past and you landed deep inside the neutral zone of your heart.

Another huge and significant thing that was not present in the connections yesterday that had this river running thru them, the inner or outer grid.  It was just a great expanse of energy all around.

Let’s look a little deeper into this river.  Of the six connections I did yesterday, four had this river, two were still dealing with things related to combined energy within their living spaces.  I will get to this understanding in a moment.

The river itself is running THRU YOU, it is not separate from you, but a part of who you are Now.  From my view, it is about five feet deep (again, going to the scale of my vision itself) and as wide as your heart center (in my field of readings.)  What I found really amazing is this river has no banks at all.  Nothing on either side of its rapid flow that obstructed my view.  Couple this fact with no inner or outer grid that I can see, this is a huge thing!

No limitations at all!!!

Think about this deeply, everything that kept you confined and dare I even say, protected, YOU worked to fully release yourself from.  You no longer have the boundaries that were needed to direct your flow of life, YOU are now the flow itself.  The cocoon in which you grew yourself is completely gone too, there is no need for protection.  If you can think of yourself this way…

If God him/herself became incarnate (which he did thru each one of us) would there be any aspect of life he was afraid of, or looked at without love in his eyes?  No, because he knows everything is HIM/HER and he pours the river of his love into ALL things.  ALL THINGS!!

He also does not retreat into the shadows when presented with controversy, instead, with the bubbly effervescent source of his love he reveals the truth of matter to those conscious enough to understand, and just loves those who are still moving thru the density of consciousness, knowing when to speak and when to remain silent.

To observe the shadows but not get tangled up in them, to love them thru the Light of your Life without taking on their energy, or lack there of.

YOU are the river of life and it is only witnessed, experienced by ALL of life, when in expressive action!!

Now, the pesky thing with this amazing, bubbly champagne river, I could not see beyond the moment.  I wanted so much to see into August, to see what next, but nope.  The only ones I could see into August with were those still entangled in other’s energies.

I had this one lady yesterday, a beautiful Being of Light, whom I expected (and I do know better lol) to see this river with her too, but nope.  Instead it was a very interesting twist.  She was outside of her entire field of creation, her form was 2D, with no identifying features (no face, or hair or anything) and by 2D I mean, flat, like her image looked like the images you would see in a book or even on a website.  2 dimensional, not three.  She was standing near her west area, with a fishing pole in her hand and the line itself inside of an intricate bronze grid that is her outer life creation grid, however, instead of being a network of interconnected lines, it was very scalloped, kinda like this (minus the outside loops):

Link to picture

Her fishing line went thru one of the scalloped openings.  Altho the grid work itself was very beautiful to see, I kept thinking, I am missing something.  Most grids I see form a network of lines, of connections with other people, other places and things to enhance the ongoing experience and evolution of this wonderful world of matter.  Her’s did not have that… and its only this morning do I understand that all the energy is contained in her construct of life.  I will explain more in a moment.

All I could feel from her vision was “fishing” for something, inside her created life, but yet, she was not inside of her life, she was outside of it.  Then she explained that her husband has rules and expectations of her that limit her ability to fully experience herSelf and yet all his energy goes into work to do construction on their new home and stuff.  So the gridwork is pretty, but really, self serving (small s there.)  So the only way she can breathe, and actually emanate the light within her, is by stepping outside of her creation seeking the freedom of her heart desires.

As we talked and understood what her soul needs from her, freedom, interaction with others and stuff, she is at a massive choice point (as many are in this moment.)  She is going to demand freedom papers from her husband (no not a divorce, just the ability to do what she desires and what will add to her inner longing outside of the home) or the other side of the coin will be… her entire outer grid turned into an emerging tornado, emerging from the ground upwards, spinning counter-clockwise (opening) and getting done what needs to be done for all involved.

On the other spectrum of experience, I had a lady whose entire realm of creation was surrounded by rings of light.  It reminded me of large fiber optics, the first ring or tube of light was light blue (soul expression) the second one on top of that was green (heart expression) and the one onto of that was blinking from yellow to orange.  She had no grid I could see, but also, no river that I could see either.

As she explained what was happening in her world, I so understood it all.  One of her children, whose expression is less than loving, is being removed from the house (I have been in this very situation myself) and being forced to get her own place this month, on the 10th of all days (super moon.)  As hard as this is for my precious lady, it is the greatest gift she is giving herself and even to her daughter.  The light of Life has her surrounded, protected, loved as she moves thru this very difficult and much-needed time.  And the Super moon of august will have her flowing in her river of life, untainted by negative energy!!

Bubblies to everyone, from the Heart of Our Creation!!

Ohhh, I do want to add that my first lady, even before we seen her champagne river, said she felt like she woke up with a hangover!  Yup, LIFE should be intoxicating!!

I love you all so very very much and then some!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of intoxicating love to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas /link to original article


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