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TheIndependent – Richard Branson Backs Calls To Let Parents Take Children Out Of School For Term-Time Holidays – 3 August 2014

The Independent

Virgin empire entrepreneur says ‘my happiest memories are of childhood holidays – some term-time, some not’

By Adam Withnall

Richard Branson has called for the Government to make it easier for parents to take their children on holiday during school term-time.\

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TheIndependent – Woman Charged With Murder Over Death Of Girl, 7, In Nottingham – 3 August 2014

The Independent

Kay-Ann Morris will appear in court tomorrow

By Freddy Mayhew

A woman has been charged with the murder of a seven-year-old girl in Nottingham.

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WashingtonExaminer – No, The IRS Cannot Be Fixed – It Must Be Abolished And Replaced With The Fair Tax – 3 August 2014

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 3 August 2014

marlene1-1PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A REPRINT FROM LAST YEAR. I have family visiting and no time to devote to receiving messages this week. We also had a storm that knocked our power out until late evening last night. Thank you for your understanding. Marlene

August 24-31, 2013

Beloved Ones,

Life upon your planet is changing rapidly as it moves into a higher dimension and octave. That which was familiar no longer works as before and many things that didn’t work before are now manifesting. Those who have held the vision of peace and goodwill in their hearts are seeing these qualities being reflected back to them in their daily lives in many ways. Those who make a practice of silently blessing others as a way of being are now beginning to be blessed in turn.  The goodness and kindness that is inherent within the hearts of humanity is now finding reciprocity in their interaction with others. As people’s hearts are opened more fully and their old modes of behavior which they had adopted in order to shield their hearts from being hurt are cast aside, the true beauty within each soul shines forth more brilliantly. Each soul reveals the higher qualities of their divine essence. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 922 – Gary Kohls Confronts The Hiroshima Myth – 3 August 2014

Today we are joined by Gary Kohls, MD–a retired physician and regular contributor to the Duluth Reader–to discuss his recent column, “The Hiroshima Myth and the Glorification of American Militarism.” We expose the myths surrounding the supposed necessity of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII and outline the real reasons that the nuclear annihilation of these cities took place. Continue reading

Sophia Love – The God With The Keys – 3 August 2014

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‘Moral Bankruptcy Of Capitalism’: UK’s Top Public Doctor Shames Western Society Over Ebola – 3 August 2014

RT logoWestern countries should tackle drugs firms’ “scandalous” reluctance to invest in research into the virus which has already killed over 700 people in West Africa, the UK’s top public doctor said, adding, “They’d find a cure if Ebola came to London.”

Ebola-infected US aid worker arrives in ‘special isolation unit’ in Atlanta

The pharmaceutical industry are reluctant to invest in research to produce treatments and vaccines “because the numbers involved are, in their terms, so small and don’t justify the investment,” said Professor John Ashton, president of the UK Faculty of Public Health, an independent body for specialists in public health in the United Kingdom.

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