John Ward – Hamas & Palestine: The Blind Bias Of The Believers – 3 August 2014

JohnWA pro-Palestinian lady just tweeted as follows: ‘The 6 year old girl tht lost her father,brother, her legs & her face is 1 among 9000 injured! dnt undristimte word injured!’

Check it out for the weight of rope pulling the heart-strings there: infant, female, father, brother, amputation, face blown away. Check it out for illogicality: 1 appalling injury among 9,000 means all the injuries are being understated.

Now read this outraged tweet from a pro-Palestinian bloke slightly earlier: ‘Grotesque! Elie Weisel accuses Hamas of “child sacrifice”!’

Check it out for a hypocritical inability to accept that Hamas could ever use kids as a protective shield. Google ‘Hamas and child shields’: 9.9 million sites across the spectrum of news coverage from Huffpost to DAG. Note the use of an exclamation mark to suggest incredibility.

Now refer back to the Slogpost of July 24th for incontrovertible proof of pro-Palestinian propaganda mendacity. Check out the photograph for defenceless female, blood pouring from head wound.

Now refer back to the Slogpost of July 31st in which I wrote this: ‘We need to separate the two issues very clearly here: the desire to wipe the State of Israel from the Earth, and the desire to get the Palestinians a State of their own to which they are, on every measure, fully entitled. The Six Day and Yom Kippur wars were nothing to do with the latter, and Hamas refuses to give up the latter ‘aim’. But the vast majority of Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, and Saudi politicians/Royals would rather Israel didn’t exist than Palestine did. That’s the conundrum.’

This is, I assume, what pro-Arab threaders here mean when they refer to my ‘blind spot’ about Israel. Oh dear.

Last night at The Slog: Archibald the Avian adventurer / link to original article

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