Magenta Pixie – Colour Grids And Rays As Tools For Healing, Expansion And Manifestation (August 2014 Stargate) – 5 August 2014

Uploade on 3 August 2014 by Magenta Pixie

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The rainbow healing is particularly suited to all ascending individuals and aware ones at this time due to the rainbow frequencies moving onto your planet and into your physical bodies through the August 2014 Stargate. The culmination of the rainbow energy within your month of August 2014 in your current timeline creates a most opportune window for the receiving and utilising of this energy. Whilst we speak specifically of “healing” here – ultimately the energy of receptivity and flow includes creativity and manifestation. The opportune window is a time of heightened energy specific to creativity and manifestation through receptivity and flow.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video arranged by Catzmagick. Media c/o freeimages and Kevin Macleod.

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