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GMO-Labeling Movement Poised For Ballot Initiative In Colorado – 5 August 2014

RT logoSupporters for the labeling of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in Colorado delivered a petition on Monday with about twice the number of signatures required for a ballot initiative to appear before voters in November.

Right to Know Colorado, the group backing the labeling effort, collected more than 170,000 signatures on the petition, according to the KDVR. A petition in Colorado is required to have 86,105 valid signatures from registered state voters for ballot initiative approval.

The ballot initiative would allow voters to decide on the explicit labeling of any product containing genetically-engineered ingredients sold in the state.

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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Meet Your Maker (And Keep Your Body) – 5 August 2014

Eileen MeyerSource Frequency is pouring in to meet us, and many are sensing and responding to the increasing opportunities to rise and meet this I AM Field. This recorded piece is meditative and balancing, and has a continued encouragement for all to practice adapting to, and BEing, from the foundation of our natural state. For over 10 years I have had my own unique, evolving spiritual practice of hitting the record button on my laptop before I speak my feelings aloud and transition into one of these communion states. I was shown this “suggested” practice in a spontaneous communion state many years ago. I refer to it as “communion with translation” now, and it is truly the evolution of my lifetime of “contact” with a cosmic intelligence that has coached and helped me adapt to this Field. I continue to use these tools with great reward to my spiritual growth and well being, as well as a healing offering to others.

Initially you will hear the tail end of the audio of me speaking as myself, and a tiny sampling of the energy and sounds that occur in my body. At this point I won’t put you through my entire authentic talking-feeling expressions (lol). I have also shared and referred to them in the past as “honesty sessions”. It is what I was shown by this Cosmic Intelligence back in 2004 – that we can open these higher-frequency doorways with spoken honesty and innocence. I have found this to be true, in actual and demonstrative form. I wanted to capture and share the transition and the resulting message from “the Field”. These messages have evolved, and at the same time, they have been perfectly consistent since 2004. It never stumbles. I stumble all the time, but when the Field speaks, it simply flows. It streams with a beautiful frequency that I (and my physical body) responded to and integrated over my lifetime. I am just beginning to catalog the hundreds of audio files collected over these many years. Even though there is an enormous amount of material, I balk at the idea of writing a book because language – words on a page – feels too limiting at this point in time. In my feeling opinion, far more “information” comes through the vibration of sound. For now, I will observe and see what form it eventually finds comfort in… Also, I was inspired to create a bit of music and imagery to this file. I hope you find this sharing helpful, healing, and inspiring.

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Texas Cop Placed On Paid Leave For Supermarket Shooting Spree Facebook Threat – 5 August 2014

RT logoA police officer in central Texas has been placed on paid administrative leave while investigators consider whether a recent Facebook posting by the cop in which he discussed massacring food stamp recipients violated departmental policy.

According to KWTX News, Marlin Police Sgt. Rob Douglas already admitted that he authored a rant on his public Facebook profile last week mocking “the useless turd bags” he encounters at the grocery store on the first of the month — the day that public assistance, like welfare checks and food stamps, are usually made available to the needy.

“The first of the month! The day I absolutely LOVE going to the grocery store after putting in 120+ hours last month,” Sgt. Douglas wrote. “I love being able to see how the useless lazy turd bags spend the hard earned money my working friends and I provided for them so they can sit on their lazy asses all month and drink the beer I am paying for.”

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UK Protest Group ‘Shuts Down’ Factory For Supplying Israel Arms – 5 August 2014

RT logoA group of pro-Palestine activists have allegedly shut down operations in a Staffordshire factory that they say supplies arms to Israel.

Around 10 activists from the London Palestine Action Group have taken to the roof of Elbit systems, an Israeli company with a subsidiary based in Shenstone, near Birmingham.

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New York City’s Main Youth Prison Ruled By ‘Brute Force’ – DOJ Report – 5 August 2014

RT logoA “deep-seated culture of violence” was the verdict handed down to one of America’s largest municipal prison complex, accused of violating the civil rights of young offenders by exposing them to excessive force by correction officers.

If there is single thread that weaves itself evenly throughout the graphic 79-page report, the result of a two-and-a-half-year Justice Department investigation on conditions at the facility between 2011 and 2013, it is the dark thread of violence.

The report, which focused on conditions at three Rikers jails, where male inmates aged 16 to 18 are held, found that about 44 percent of the male population in custody as of October 2012 had been subjected to some level of physical violence by corrections officers on at least one occasion.

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Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast August – A Divine Clarion Call – 5 August 2014

Emmanuelpeaceofficial1My friend,It’s an honor to connect with you in this way today.

Let’s open up our dialogue in a special way for this month’s forecast.

I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and focus on your sacred breath.

As you move into a state of relaxed breathing, gently place your awareness on the area between and slightly above your eyebrows, also known as the third eye/inner eye area. Continue reading

Japanese Scientist At Center Of Stem-Cell Scandal Commits Suicide – 5 August 2014

RT logoA Japanese scientist who believed he had helped create revolutionary advances in stem-cell research, which were later discredited, has committed suicide. Yoshiki Sasai, who thought he could replace damaged cells or grow human organs, hanged himself.

The 52-year-old, who was the deputy chief of the Riken Institute for Developmental Biology, had been suffering from stress and exhaustion for months, ever since holes began to appear in his research in March, Reuters reported. The material had initially been published in January in the British journal Nature. He was found at the Riken Institute early on Tuesday in the city of Kobe.

A security guard found him suffering from a heart attack, with a rope around his neck, according to the Riken Institute. Sasai was rushed to hospital, but was pronounced dead two hours later, AP stated.
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RAF Escorts Down Airliner Over Manchester In ‘Bomb Hoax’ – 5 August 2014

RT logoBritish police have arrested a man on suspicion of making a hoax bomb threat onboard a Qatar Airways flight from Doha, according to media reports.

The passenger allegedly passed a note onto a member of the plane’s cabin crew claiming there was a bomb on board.

He has since been held in custody, according to the Manchester Evening News.

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Lisa Gawlas – Your Breath Of Life! – 5 August 2014

lisagawlas2I think for forever we have been so programmed to “breath in the light” to help us along our journey.  How many of us have ever stopped to really ponder that we are equally exhaling the light, or some version of it, all day long.  Until today, I never really gave that much thought.

So long ago, in the innocence of my beloved bathtub journeys, I pleaded with spirit to let me help others to not only understand that there is more to us than ever met the outer eye, but to equally help others to change as I was changing. Continue reading

Britain’s Economic Recovery Is ‘Symbolic’: UK To Face Decade Of Economic Stagnation – 5 August 2014

RT logoBritain faces a decade of economic stagnation, despite recent reports of an economic recovery to come, research conducted by a UK think tank suggests.

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) predicts that while considerably strong GDP growth can be expected in coming years, output per capita will grow at a slower rate.

In its forecast published on Tuesday, the NIESR warns per capita GDP will not reach its 2007 peak until 2017 – implying a period of protracted economic stagnation throughout Britain, which could span up to ten years.

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