Laura Bruno – More Signs Of Awakening – 6 August 2014

laura-of-the-rocksPeople — both Jews and non-Jews — have been sending me articles and videos indicating that large portions of the Jewish community have begun to explore their Shadow, recognizing that true external peace only comes from inner harmony between the rejected other and the conscious “I.”

One of the best articles I’ve seen is by Miriam Sitrin, “Not in Our Name — Taking Back Judaism from Israel.” This is a powerful piece, definitely worth the click-thru. A second piece is the timely reprint of a 2010 article: The Nature of Exile Part 2, The Solution Starts by Understanding the Problem, by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. This piece directly addresses the need for exiles of any sort to reclaim the exiled parts of themselves so that they no longer feel the compulsive need for fear, prejudice and projection, which result in tyranny and violence. Again, definitely worth the click-thru. This piece appeared in the most recent newsletter. Although it does not directly mention the outrage at current events in Gaza, this piece speaks loudly to the need to change strategies and work for harmony.

Both of these pieces warm my heart, because they encourage people to reforge their own identity, separate from what political leaders insist their identity must be. They demonstrate courage to begin fathoming the horrors done in their name, and this process, though obviously one for Jews right now with regard to Israel and Gaza, is one that every human being on this planet must do if we are ever to transcend the old, bloody paradigms. Thank you to the Jewish community for exploring the dark underbelly of religion, Israel and politics.

I will close with two comments, one from Burt Lopestri left on the “Not in Our Name” article: “I respect the Jewish Community for airing their views. I wish some of the Muslims would do the same by rejecting those hijacking the Muslim faith by invoking Jihad. If this is not who you are say so..!!”

The next comment is my own warning to Jews and to anyone else doing difficult Shadow work that involves recognizing lying leadership and betrayals by those they trusted with their hearts and lives:

Now that you have reclaimed your power, keep it. Recognizing that the old ways have failed, the old guard will look to promote a new leader, same as the old leader or group, likely in 180 degree opposite clothes. The pendulum swings. Remember this feeling of empowerment, and retain it. Only through personal responsibility can we maintain an awakened, compassionate society, free of manipulation by those who would control the masses. You have come this far. Keep going! Please, for yourselves and for all of us, continue that inner work.

Blessings and Gratitude,
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