Lucas – Mirrors On The Wall – Exploding In Your Face or Showing You To Change – 6 August 2014 much going on on all sorts of levels on the outside of you especially now and you take notice of all that, right? Or not?  It is just all what is still playing out and that what is shown to you from the bigger to the smaller picture in mirrors reflected.  It can be an adversary or your friend or it is a situation or thing happening. The mirrors are out there to reflect or deflect. Create change or keep images alive.

See yourselves in this NOW as the mirrors that each and every one is for everyone. None of us is the all-knowing or even the better, grander or master ego of all.  The inner pictures of you and who you act out to be are shown to you by your mirrors shown by others. Keep out of ego busting. Just ask yourselves what is it that triggered your initial reaction that made a chain of events happen.

It is not about good or bad nor about punishment. It is about just knowing learning and changing what is not anymore needed in the now of this new higher elevated density we already are living in. Choices are plenty but the work is not done by destroying mirrors or the message shown. It is about knowing the change is always first and for all within to be made.

Feel it. Sense it and do not analyse, interpret or discuss. Energies flow where conflict is ended and change is made to remove blockage or old cycles are ended.  We create in this world still from our individual inner self. Our creation reflects upon all on the outside.  Instead of holding mirrors to others you might also see sometimes in your own mirror or rear mirror.

There is no fairest of all in the mirror as there is only the image of One that is us all individually being part of source en all those little images are making up the  bigger of US all picture, all our dimensional selves here in the NOW.   Do not be harsh on yourselves we all are still on our self-exploration and ever learning curves. Some going back others forth till the balance is found or lessons learned or choice points reached.

Be always aware the mirror reflects two sides. Enjoy your image when your look into the mirror and know all is well. All of us are well as long as we are opening up to see the balance within and in all and use our mirror light messages wisely.  Perceive the perceptions, reflect the reflections, all are  just shimmering glimpses of images in the flow of the water of all. All is just either way part of one that reflects from you into eternity and is you as well as us and all.

Much love and light,


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