Sophia Love – August 8, 2014 Update – 8 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia and Everyone!

First I will tell what I know about demiurge in connection to Your call Sophia.

As I know demiurge – the seeder of Humanity, is indeed made Humanity for it’s own gain and manipulated the history, yet in time it used to love Humanity as it’s Children. I am calling demiurge as “it”, because demiurge don’t have gender. It is both male and female if we can say like it, but in overall demiurge can be called as “he”, as it is willing to have “ultimate power”.

Demiurge as a Being of Purity do not need energy of Human emotions to feed itself, and fear, darkness, hate does not feed demiurge, these dark emotions feed only reptilians – demiurge’s henchmen, but they, like demiurge can live without these emotions, for reptilians as we know these bad emotions only give “pleasure”, demiurge as a Being of Purity have other sources of energy, like from stars and from different dimensional spectrums and connections of these spectrums, these are giving a lot of energy. Demiurge can “use” both Love and fear spectrum, yet fear demiurge don’t like, demiurge enjoys Love (means receives “pleasure”) given out by Humanity.

Demiurge in actuality is willing both – Humanity to succeed in It’s Evolution and Growth and as well to receive “what it needs”. We All know that “we can’t have both at the same time”. If demiurge can find a compromise here, One would be very pleased in this Being.

Overall You can call demiurge as “unsuccessful father”, Many here on Earth have such Fathers in whom We are deeply disappointed and so Demiurge, is one very big common father of Humanity in whom whole Humanity can be disappointed if all of it’s doings would be known to Everyone here.

But You decide Sophia, I gave out what we as GEs and I personally know from my experience with this being.

I want also to add about ebola, Thank You Everyone for sharing links, You are showing as a whole Humanity just how prepared have You become in the face of fear mongering instigated by illuminati order/cabal!

 I am very proud of Everyone to say the least! I will share what You shared, let Everyone see what this disease is and how it can be cured!

This is a share from Good Friend Susie, research is made by Good Friend D from “removing the shackles” blogspot
“Info re Ebola:
and part 2

This is from Good Friend Oliver

I would urge people to read up in the EBOLA distraction here. An excellent article about other reasons behind the alleged EBOLA outbrake.

Traction is lost in the Ukraine distraction which gives another distraction namely EBOLA in West Africa. Where did ISIS/ISIL go? Did they take a coffee brake?

As can be seen the sloppiness at events staged all over the globe is increasing…

Hang in there folks.. they are getting so desperate so I almost feel sorry for them..”

And from Good Friend Michael
“It seems as always just like in the jungle all the things that can hurt us the jungle provides a cure for ,,,

So heres the other side so that fear ( False evidence appearing real )
does not take hold,
May you Love

Cure For Ebola They Don’t Want You To Know About!!

Cure For Ebola They Don’t Want You To Know About!!
Friday, August 1, 2014 15:25
by Susan Duclos
“We are all one plane ride away from a cataclysm.” – Dr. Rima Laibow, MD
Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, Doctor Rima Laibow, has an urgent message, one she has sent to the presidents of the four Ebola stricken countries, “including a copy to the President of what may well be the next country afflicted, the United States since an Ebola-stricken volunteer is being flown to Atlanta for treatment, according to her latest video and an article at
 Sky Ships Over Cashiers, with what she considers a proven cure for Ebola, but one TPTB don’t want us to know about.
And the kill rate for this disease of convenience, genetically engineered to be more deadly than ever before, just happens, I am sure coincidentally, to be the exact number depopulationists like Bill Gates and George Soros have wet dreams about: 90%.
The US government study (declassified in 2009) which showed definitively that Nano Silver at 10 PPM is the definitive prevention and therapy for Ebola virus “somehow” got “overlooked.”We do not know how long before that the work actually took place, but the US civilian authorities knew not later than 2009 that there is a cure, treatment and prevention for Ebola virus. . . .
Listen to her. Go read the entire piece over at Sky Ships and ask youself after reading it why the study from 2009 was classified in the first place and why, after it was declassified, is everyone still ignoring it??
Watch this video…..

Have no fear for this disease, this disease is meant only to distract and bring in fear, when You fear, You are most likely to get disease. When You have Love in Your Heart and when Your Body is enchanted with Love and Harmony, disease of any sort can’t get You.

And as well, as we know and like Good Friend D showed – ebola is not “a super virus” and it is not fit to survive in northern, much colder parts of the Earth, plus You have Followers of Light, Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grand Father Sage Star A and One on Your Side:)

With Peace and Love to Everyone! link to original article


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