Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 9 August 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is upon your earth right now a great clashing of forces, and yet beneath it all, beneath the seeming duality, the wars, the storms, the differences in ideologies, there is only one love. The right hand is arguing with the left, forgetting they are all one in the same.

What do you do when you see things going on in your world that at the level of human existence seem both terrifying and terrible? Dear ones you work with those very same forces that live and breathe inside of you. What parts of yourself are “at war” with one another? What parts of yourself do you wish you could “kill off?” What parts of yourself are being repressed, only to erupt later in storms and forceful displays of emotions. For indeed all wars, all storms, all peace, and all sunshine exists within every single human being.

Will you love all parts of yourselves and stop the wars within? Will you all emotions that arise within you, and thus prevent the need for inner… and outer… storms? Will you be the peace and calm when the temptation arises to fall into chaos and drama? Call upon us to help you because we know it is not an easy task now being human upon your earth… and yet, as we see it, it is a glorious time to be alive for the light is rising to the surface in human hearts, bringing with it all that has laid dormant, all that has been repressed, all that has been swept aside and is now in requirement of healing.

It is an amazing time to be on earth, a time when you will see both the best of human hearts, and also some of the deepest pains. For those who choose to love and embrace all aspects of themselves, unprecedented opportunities for help from the heavens is available. For those who choose to repress or ignore aspects of self, well my dear friends, you have seen those among you who are becoming somewhat psychotic as they try to hold back the emotions that can no longer be contained or controlled as easily as in the past.

So how do you weather the so called storms of nature and the storms of humanity? Be the peace dear ones. Stop criticizing and judging yourselves. Stop telling yourself you “should” or “shouldn’t” feel a certain way and simply embrace all that arises within you – with love. When you are sad, pray for comfort. When you are upset give private and safe voice to your feelings. When you are tired rest. When you are joyous celebrate. Allow yourself to “be” as you are. Allow your emotions to flow through you in a healthy way without aiming them at others. Allow yourself to love everything that arises within you.

In this fashion dear ones, by changing yourselves, you change the world, one beautiful and perfect human heart at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Hi Everyone,

The world is stirred up, to say the least. Threats of increased war in the middle east, big storms, viruses, you name it. I’ve seen more people coming in with entities and crazy energies clinging to them than ever before. I’ve been casting out demons, cleaning off auras, and striving to be a force of peace, calm, and love in the world. In the midst of this, as I wrote last week, my house and yard was slammed by a storm with winds as strong as a category 3 hurricane! My body which tends to resonate a lot with the earth feels such pressure lately I’ve had to do extra stretching and energy work just to keep the channels open. I’ve been getting up early and staying up late to work on a new and improved website among other things.

And yet, at a time when things look challenging on the outside, all I feel is an incredible beauty and grace to life. Things that used to bother or challenge me just seem like things to be handled –  just items on a to do list. My beloved tree is gone but a new baby will soon be planted. The leaking ceilings have already been fixed. The ductwork will be checked out next week. Even though there were large expenses and large inconveniences in terms of scheduling repairs, great blessings have arisen. The repair folks were wonderful. The neighbors were so sweet and helpful. I’m working overtime to pay off the bills but after borrowing energy from the recent hurricanes I find myself with incredible stamina to do so. What looked like a little disaster has only created room for more love.
So when life seems chaotic, when those around you are all stirred up, or when things don’t go your way, instead of getting sucked into the drama, the story, the upsets, and the tragedies, try your best to look for the love in the situation and to remember that no matter what occurs we can bring love into the situation. Start with love and kindness for yourself, an acceptance of your feelings about the situation and then ask… “What is the most loving way I can handle this, in a way that honors myself first, and all others?” Pray. Ask for help with the answer to that question. Your angels will give you amazingly creative ideas. My angels suggested I save some sections of my tree’s trunk and now I meditate on them barefoot every day, enjoying the spirit of the tree I once loved as it teaches me the wisdom of greater strength and flexibility.

Know that no matter what we go through on earth, we are all beautiful souls, working diligently to remember our essential nature – our core beauty, brilliance, love, and light. All things presented to us are just adventures we embrace, mirrors we look into, and situations that give us an opportunity to become more strongly rooted in love. This week, when life presents a challenge, just say to yourself, “Ah ha! Another chance to find the love, be the love, love myself, and share the love.”

I Love you all!
Big hugs and blessings,

Ann / link to original article

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