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Natalie Glasson – A New Purification Healing Experience By Lady Nada – 9 August 2014

natalie glassonIt is with great christed blessing that I greet and honour your presence with me now. I am Lady Nada, Chohan and
overseer of the 8th Ray of Light of a sea foam green light and higher aspect of Mary Magdalene. I come forth to you with immense volumes of love from the Angelic Kingdom and the Lord and Lady Masters of the Celestial Level supporting my being and purpose in this present moment. The support I receive is channelled through my being to you as you are the
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‘It’s A Miracle’: Indonesian Girl Missing After 2004 Tsunami Reunites With Family – 9 August 2014

RT logoAn Indonesian girl has been reunited with her family after being swept away by the 2004 tsunami. The girl was spotted on the street by a relative who recognized her after a decade.

The strong waves of the tsunami swept up Raudhatul Jannah, who was four years old at the time, and her seven-year-old brother in Aceh province on December 26, 2004.

Both their parents survived the earthquake and tsunami that took the lives of 170,000 people in their own province and killed tens of thousands of others around the impacted area.

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Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “Peaceful Postures” – 9 August 2014

DjwhalKhul(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. This week I want to talk about “Peaceful Postures”, literally how to be in the physical body, holding a specific posture that is peace-filled.

So one of the first things to practice is to keep the chi flowing and to do that is very simply not crossing any of the limbs. So you don’t cross the legs, not even at the ankles, or cross the arms over. Instead what you can do is clasp the hands together but leave them very, very relaxed or you can just have fingertips barely touching with your hands a little bit curved. And again, relaxed, no tensed muscles in the hands.

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08-08-Gateway Of LightLive (Recorded) Transmission From The Tor In Glastonbury With Anrita And Meline Lafont – (Music Following Transmission By Aviva Ohm) – 9 August 2014

08-08-Gateway of Light

Live transmission from the Tor in Glastonbury with Anrita and Meline Lafont ~ (music following transmission by Aviva Ohm).

Precious hearts,

I invite you to listen to this live transmission for the 08-08 Gateway of Light, co-facilitated by myself, Anrita Melchizedek and Meline Lafont at the Tor, in beautiful Glastonbury, England. Although there is some background noise, it is a powerful meditation focused on the activation of the Diamond Flame of Transcendence, the integration of our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits and the Portal of Peace, worldwide and over the Middle East.

I will write again when I get a little time, as I have much to share with you all. It has been such a wonderful day in feeling our sacred heart connections through the Unity Grid as we come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart.

Wishing you all a most magical 08-08 Gateway of Light.
Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek
Live transmission from the Tor in Glastonbury with Anrita Melchizedek and Meline Lafont ~ (music following transmission by Aviva Ohm. Background music by Michael Hammer).

Mp3 (file size approx. 28.7 MB)~ to listen online click here

Website Anrita: http://www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads/
Website Méline: www.melinelafont.com

Laura Bruno – David Swanson – Back In Iraq, Jack! – 9 August 2014

laura-of-the-rocksBrilliant rant (via exopermaculture)

[Please check out warisacrime.org, where this article first appeared.]

Back in Iraq, Jack!

By davidswanson – Posted on 07 August 2014

President Obama may want us to sympathize with patriotic torturers, he may turn on whistleblowers like a flesh-eating zombie, he may have lost all ability to think an authentic thought, but I will say this for him: He knows how to mark the 50th anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin fraud like a champion.

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Laura Bruno – George Washington’s Vision – 9 August 2014

laura-of-the-rocksPeople have been sharing dreams and visions with me, and these, coupled with some of my own recent dreams keep reminding me of Washington’s Vision. It truly feels as though we’re in the third challenge period. One thing to remember about premonitions is that they arrive as warnings and opportunities for change, not necessarily as “facts” etched in stone. Many times, premonitions have caused me to alter plans or focus, only to discover later that had I not paid attention to the dreams, visions or intuitive nudges, I would have met with harm, discomfort or even on a few occasions an untimely end. With this in mind, I share George Washington’s vision here — as having awareness of mystical input gives us an added advantage in honing our prayers and intentions.

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Judith Dagley – Frequency Lesson– ONE – 9 August 2014

judithFrequency Lesson–
The lesson is that the lessons are no longer separate. No longer consecutive as the word is defined– “a linear sequence without interruption.” (Ha, forget THAT old dinosaur.)

Picture yourSelf as a light SO bright and SO focused that it only appears to be a pinpoint.

Do NOT dismiss the “seemingly miniscule” as irrelevant any longer!
As above, so below. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Obama’s Africa Summit: A Sign Of Weakness Rather Than Strength – 9 August 2014

ZeroHedgeObama is meeting with a number of African leaders this week. But rather than a sign of strength, it’s a sign of weakness.

The Guardian reported Sunday:

Barack Obama is convening the largest ever gathering of African leaders in Washington on Monday – 50 have been invited – for a summit billed by the White House as “elevating our engagement” with a continent increasingly under China’s influence.

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ZeroHedge – Organized Community Defense Is America’s Last Hope – 9 August 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com,

Not long ago, I felt compelled to address the idea of self defense as a moral imperative in an article titled “Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary.” My intention was to perhaps undo some of the propaganda conditioning that Americans have suffered over the decades that has taught them that “all” forms of violent action are “immoral”, including the defense of one’s person, one’s property, and one’s freedom.

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