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I can’t help but feel that what we need most right now during these chaotic times is balance. If one looks around themselves these days all they see is chaos and upheaval. Everything that should be up is now down, everything it seems is way out of whack. So how do we compensate for this irrational state of our world? We need to create balance as best we can and stay centered there at all times. Everything in life, it seems, is unknown to us right now, we don’t know what we can place our trust in anymore and for most, the unknown is quite unsettling and often dredges up copious amounts of fear. Balance makes life dependable! In order to create balance in our lives it is essential we look closely at our lives and figure out what is out of balance. Once you know the areas of your life that are dangling and impaired, you know what you are to work on to compensate for that imbalance.

If we remain out of balance all the time we cannot stay grounded and feel sure about our lives, about who we are and what our greater purpose in life is. If we are out of balance we are weakened and unsteady, just like the Government would like us to be. Out of sorts, doubtful, and in the end fearful. Living this way will get us nowhere. So we try to create a life that is as balanced and peaceful and positive and productive and as inspiring as it can be. This is our way of saying NO, I will not allow myself to live my life the dark’s way. So we search for ways that can make our lives feel dependable and full of purpose and inspiration. This is where it is up to each of us to create the life we want, not just hope and dream about it. It takes work to stay the course and fight against the creating of chaos going on by our overseers. It takes courage to stand up with defiance and choose to take another path to walk down.

So where is your life out of balance? I think for many probably there is a huge lack of deep joy and laughter on a daily basis. Life has been made so difficult by the dark ones that most of us are just managing to survive and when we are fighting for survival, there is little time left over for joy and laughter, but we must make the time. Life without joy and laughter is sad and often lonely and many times feels pointless. It is up to each of us to figure out what brings us joy and go after it. The postman is not going to bring it to your door or leave it in your mailbox. If you know what makes you happy you now know what to go after and bring into your life. It may be simple like a certain healthy meal, walking or sitting in nature, it may be spending time with close friends, pets or working in the garden. Whatever it is, it is so important that we do these things often to stay in balance. Find people or places or books or movies that make you laugh and laugh! The world is desperate for joy and laughter and we need to save our selves by offering our souls the time to laugh and feel glad we are alive.

If you don’t already know what your purpose for being here in this lifetime is, now is the time to find out! I’ve said before in other posts that our purpose can often be found in our hurts, where we feel damaged. My life was not a particularly happy one and I spent the majority of my life wishing it had been. Wishing for what might have been was getting me nowhere, and so I looked closely at those wounds and found purpose. If my life had not been a happy one, then I knew it was my purpose in life to make others lives happy if I could. So discover your purpose and pour yourself into it. When you are doing what matters most, you are happy and when you are happy you make others happy. If you have purpose you have a reason to get up everyday and greet it with joy, if you have purpose you feel good about yourself and life is balanced. The dark ones can try all they want to bring us down and destroy our lives, but that can only happen if we allow it to happen. Bring balance into your life and stand strong and proud of who and what you are.

Blessings to us all,

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