Encircling China: US To Sign Military Agreement With Australia After Philippines Deal – 11 August 2014

RT logoAn agreement expected to be signed this week between the United States and Australia will pave the way for the Pentagon to have 2,500 US troops begin conducting military drills down under.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is slated to add his autograph to the deal on Tuesday this week, AFP reported, in turn authorizing for Marine and Air Force personnel to soon start rotational deployments in the Australian city of Darwin.

“[T]omorrow we’ll sign a force posture agreement that incorporates status of forces agreement that was signed in 1963 when we had a naval communication station at Exmouth on the northwest shore off of Western Australia,” Australian Defense Minister David Johnston said at a joint press conference held on Monday with his American counterpart, according to a transcript provided by the Pentagon.

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