Obama Calls Criticism Of His Syria Policy ‘Horses**t’ – 12 August 2014

RT logoPresident Barack Obama has been roundly criticized in recent years for a supposed lack of support for so-called moderate rebels fighting the Syrian government. What does he think of such critiques? “Horseshit,” he recently told lawmakers.

The Daily Beast reported that Obama, in a White House meeting on July 31 over foreign policy with about a dozen House and Senate leaders, was pressed over his administration’s handling of requests for arms and other support made by opposition groups in Syria. During the meeting, Sen. Bob Corker criticized this policy and others related to the administration’s posture in Ukraine and Iraq, according to lawmakers in the meeting.

A “visibly agitated” Obama, according to the report, defended his administration’s foreign policy decisions, saying that any notion of a better outcome had the US offered increased support to rebels in the Syrian civil war against Bashar Assad’s forces was “horseshit.”

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