Wes Annac – The Borderlands: Reviewing Our Lives – Part 1/2 – 12 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

This is part of an ongoing series I’ve been writing about the fourth-dimensional realms that are known as the ‘Borderlands’. See The Spirit World Chronicles for backstory on this series.

The ‘Borderlands’ are essentially the ‘beginner’ realm that a lot of people are taken to after they pass on from the third dimension. People are taken to the Borderlands to come to terms with their physical death and adjust to the conditions of the fourth dimension, among other, similar purposes.

Previously, we examined some channeled accounts that described the Borderlands and their role in helping the recently deceased work through the pain or trauma many of them come over with, and now, I’d like to look at the ‘life review’ that’s reportedly experienced shortly after transitioning.

This review is apparently different from the ‘judgment’ that’s experienced in a higher realm, and it’s a much quicker review than the one that’s experienced later. We’d learn a lot if we saw everything we’ve ever done from the point of view of the people our actions have affected, and I’m sure it could cause some remorse.

I’ll let our fourth-dimensional sources describe the life review that’s experienced when the physical body dies, and in our first quote, an unnamed spirit teacher tells us that we can watch and learn from segments of our earthly lives when we pass on.

“All people are given a glimpse of this past life as they cross over. After such time as they are ready to really review it in depth and to learn from the experience, then they are shown it in segments.

“But upon first crossing over, your whole life will flash in front of you, much as a drowning man will says he saw his whole life flash in front of him. This is true of all people. But only when you’re ready to grow from the knowledge will it be given to you in depth, as your understanding is ready.” (1)

The ‘glimpse’ many souls are given is a preview of the much more intimate life review that’s experienced in the aforementioned higher fourth-dimensional realm, and the people who claimed to have seen their lives flash before their eyes actually did in many cases.

Everyone apparently experiences this quick and general life review, and when one’s ready, they can experience the ‘judgment’ that comes later and learn from their earthly actions in a deeper way.

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson tells us that shortly after arriving in the fourth dimension, most souls use their spirit minds, which contain infinite earthly memories, to peer into the lives they led on earth.

“It is not long [after death] before [his spirit body] begins to show its particular attributes to its owner. By its principal ability ineffaceable and infallible recording, this mind reveals itself as a complete and perfect chronicle of its owner’s life upon earth.

“The revelations, therefore, that are attendant upon the person newly arrived in the spirit world can be sufficiently startling.” (2)

T.E. Lawrence describes the general life review he went through shortly after he entered the spirit world.

“At first my mind was entirely occupied with my predicament [of awakening after death] and the past did not concern me, but as I wandered now one, now another vision flashed across my mental retina. A ribbon of road, boys on bicycles, my cottage, and soon these discrete memories began to coalesce into a continuous series of past experiences.

“Before long I was racing back along the years faster and faster, helpless to stay the record and obliged to feel as well as to remember as my past unrolled back to the earliest childhood memories.” (3)

This general yet intense review helped T.E. realize he’d actually crossed over, he tells us.

“I had come to a stand while this disquieting survey held me and as it checked at the unconsciousness of the infant my own consciousness flickered out. At the very moment of oblivion I gasped with relief and just had time to think: this is really the end.” (4)

From what’s said here, it seems that this life review can be very startling to those who don’t realize they’ve passed on and, as a result, don’t expect to see such a phenomenon.

It’s one of many things that quickly awakens the recently deceased to the fact that they’ve crossed over, and once they fully realize this, they can raise their vibration to other, higher fourth-dimensional realms and experience the fuller life review that lays ahead.

Philip Gilbert describes the earthly memories he was absorbed in directly after his death.

“I lay quiet and pictures came before me of myself as a little boy, and you [Philip is speaking to his mother] always there and my room and its nursery rhyme curtains. But somehow I saw all round, you and me and everyone at once. Then I drifted to my school and to Lausanne – we were in a boat on Lake Geneva that time when your hat blew off.

“Then I was at sea and in that nightclub at Alex. [Alexandria] – all through my life!” (5)

Philip’s life review certainly wasn’t linear, and I’m sure a lot of initiates experience several flashing memories at once. He mentioned that he seemed to see all of his family at the same time, and this displays the nonlinear nature of ‘time’ in the fourth dimension.

Almost everything about the fourth dimension is different from the earth, and this is why the Borderlands exist – to help familiarize people with this dimension so they can not only survive there, but thrive.

‘Major P.’ tells us about the childhood memories he experienced.

“I can see myself as a child, as a boy, as a man, and it is as if I were watching myself on a stage, when suddenly all the threads of the past gradually gather themselves together and shoot past me as one whole through the doorway in which I am standing, and into the beyond.” (6)

Winifred Combe Tenants outlines the life review her mother took her on.

“To give me confidence in my beginning, to reassemble my bits of mind, as it were, my mother took me through some of the earliest of my memories that had made an impact on me and are all pictured here. … This film was a little dim, but a touching one. … Then the pictures moving back in time. …” (7)

She felt reassured as she watched her child self experience the highs and lows of life, she tells us.

“There was I, the very old woman, a spectator of my small child self, entering into her emotions, throbbing to her tears, uplifted by her small joys.

“Those little dramas enacted by my past child-self were all reassuring to me, the spectator, after the lonely passage of death. Somehow I felt that what should have been the experience of everything being dead, breaking up, nothing was dead, nothing lost.” (8)

She watched as every aspect of her child and adult life played out, she tells us, and it was definitely something to behold.

“There was the moving spectacle of childhood in this unrolling film – more, of course, learning my letters, lessons, youth, the social training of my period, my sisters being launched. Then my [growing up], the hair being put up, long dresses, shyness, gawkiness, grotesque, historical costumes – a costume play!” (9)

While the initial life review is quicker for most people, Winifred’s was very rich and expansive. She witnessed a lot of old memories from a new perspective, and I’m sure she even learned a thing or two about her child and adult self.

The idea of gaining a new perspective on ourselves by watching our memories from an outside point of view is certainly interesting, and I’m sure it leads some souls to make a lot of important changes that help them soar in their new homes in spirit.

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