EU Denies Pressuring Russia On Food Trade – 13 August 2014

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The EU is not working to thwart Russian trade with Latin America and elsewhere in the world, EU spokesman Peter Stano tells RT.

Russia is seeking out new suppliers to fill the substantial gap left after it banned food imports from the EU, US, Australia, Canada, and Norway. However, the EU is reportedly trying to interfere and persuade other countries not to gain from the EU’s misfortune.

The Financial Times reported the EU is allegedly working to try and convince Brazil, Chile, and other Latin American countries not to meet Russia’s demand for agricultural products.

“The EU is now assessing the impact of Russia’s announcement on EU products. And we are of course in contact with other countries, countries that could become potential suppliers for goods that Russia has banned from its market from EU producers,” spokesperson Peter Stano told RT in an interview.

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