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Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul – 13 August 2014

Uploaded on 13 Augustus 2014 by Tom Lescher  If I am to birth a new identity, So much greater than before,
And fully expand and express myself, I must Be, See, and Deal with more and more and more. There is more going on than meets the eye, the ear, and the 5 senses. Death is a reminder for us to look beyond and through the realms of darkness for the meaning behind the events. Collectively, we are clearing massive amounts of ancestral karma.like veils that have been placed before our eyes. Don’t be deceived by appearances but peer through to the paradise coexisting with the chaos.
Here are two links. The first is for the Elevation Kriya (which will also be found on NewParadigmAstrology.com) and the second is for the 40 day world wide meditation. You will need to cut/paste. Sat Nam
Music by Jeff Oster at http://www.retsorecords.com/


ZeroHedge – Ferguson Reignites As Police Shoot 2nd Man; Obama’s Response “Insultingly Inadequate” – 13 August 2014

ZeroHedgeDespite Police best efforts to force Ferguson residents off the streets, tensions reignited once again as night fell last night and, as The Guardian reports, a second man has been shot by police. Police officials told local reporters that the man was shot in Ferguson by a St Louis County officer after pointing a handgun at him soon after 1am on Wednesday. A crowd of around 250 young protesters were halted by police and separately a woman is being treated in hospital after being shot in the head during a drive-by shooting in the troubled city. Protesters exclaimed, “we have a right to assemble, a right to freedom,” said Paul Muhammad. “But here we are facing what looks like a military imposing martial law. It is not acceptable.” Interestingly, President Obama’s official response “urging reflection” has been rejected as insultingly inadequate by many African American residents of Ferguson.

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ZeroHedge – ISIS Now A Commodity “Trading” Powerhouse: Islamic States Steals Iraq’s Grain Then Sells It Back To Iraq Government – 13 August 2014

ZeroHedgeIt is no secret that the crack al-Qaeda “spin-off” ISIS is well-versed in the ways of the modern world: from quickly taking control of (i.e., robbing) a central bank, to capturing the latest and greatest in US military equipment, to staging an amazing blitz-campaign that has resulted in the creation of a caliphate and captured the bulk of northern Iraq and a third of Syria including all of the former country’s oil fields, to even having glossy year end annual reports, one would almost be forgiven in assuming that some vastly more strategic minds are behind what on paper at least would be a far more disorganized force. Now, judging by the latest revelation from Reuters, showcasing ISIS as a consummate commodity trader, one could even assume that a major Wall Street bank (or Swiss-based “independent” commodity trader) is behind the effort.

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Judith Dagley – The Lesson In The Loss– Understanding Polarity – 13 August 2014

judithBeloved, we come because we know You are grieving NOW, and our Love/Light goes out to You. 

One of the brightest stars in your human galaxy has chosen to leave it temporarily, at least in physical form. We understand your grief. We also feel your shock, that such a Light of laughter could also be tormented by the darkness you call “depression.”  

We wish to  point out that he is showing you a great lesson about the dimension of polarity in which you reside. Continue reading

John Ward – Food Poverty : A Currency Backed By The Price Of Grain – 13 August 2014

JohnW‘Food poverty in Scotland not acceptable says sturgeon’ tweeted the Joseph Rowntree Foundation this morning. I suppose if you were a sturgeon, then yes, you would get worried about food poverty, on the grounds that it wouldn’t do much for the consumption of caviar. But more seriously, I’m intrigued by the definition of food poverty being used here. Continue reading

Big Tobacco Fuming: Philip Morris Threatens To Sue Over Plain Cigarette Packaging – 13 August 2014

RT logoPhilip Morris International, the world’s largest tobacco company and maker of Marlboro cigarettes, is prepared to sue the British government if it implements a law requiring plain packaging of cigarettes.

The UK government’s Department of Health carried out a consultation exercise on potential legislation that would force cigarette makers to sell their products in plain packages with graphic health warnings and no branding.

Reacting to the consultation, Philip Morris said it “is prepared to protect its rights in the courts and to seek fair compensation for the value of its property.”

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Iraq Crisis: UK Steps Up Role With Move To Support Kurds, Yazidis Against ISIS – 13 August 2014

RT logoBritain is to transport military supplies from other states to Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State (IS) jihadist militants in northern Iraq and will strengthen its aid mission there, the government announced.

The COBRA (Cabinet Office briefing room A) meeting on Iraq on Tuesday, chaired by Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, agreed to “transport from other contributing states some critical military re-supplies for the Kurdish forces, so that they can provide effective protection from ISIL for the huge number of refugees now in Iraqi Kurdistan, and humanitarian operations,” a spokesperson for Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said.

“Urgent planning to get those trapped on the mountainside to safety will continue in the coming days between ourselves and US, the Kurdish authorities and other partners,” the spokesperson said.

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Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 423 – 13 August 2014

AishaNorthFor eons, mankind has been defined as consisting of single entities, carrying out their life’s work in hardship and toil from birth to death, for then to cease to exist altogether. In other words, you as humans have been defined as someone simply existing between the first and the last breath you take, and whatever comes before or indeed after that, is a subject shrouded in mystery. Be that as it may, you have by now managed to open your eyes to the fact that a human life as you used to define it is simply the proverbial tip of the iceberg – or even less so. For by now, you have started to tap into the rich vein that constitutes the real you, the one that is not confined within any physical limits, but who has chosen to define one part of themselves as a human. Continue reading

France To Supply Weapons To Kurdish Forces In Iraq – 13 August 2014

RT logoFrance is to join the club of Western nations directly assisting Iraqi Kurds. Paris said the Kurds are in “urgent need” of support to fight against the radical Islamic State group.

Read more: US sends 130 additional military advisors to Iraq’s Kurdistan

The French president’s office said the arms shipments will be delivered in a matter of hours and have been agreed to by Baghdad.

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Unhappy Meal: Russia Takes McDonald’s To Court Over Alleged Violations – 13 August 2014

RT logoRussia is taking McDonald’s to court for allegedly violating the country’s sanitary norms. Moscow’s Tverskoy Court is set to view the complaint by the Russian consumer watchdog on Wednesday.

The first checks took place in the northwestern city of Veliky Novgorod in May.

“The Caesar roll and vegetable salad have been found to contain microbe pollution with E.Coli bacteria and 10 times the safe level of microbes,” the watchdog said in a statement. ‘This attests to the fact that the staff breached personal hygiene rules, and the corporate sanitary disinfection regime.”

Rospotrebnadzor have carried out inspections at several McDonald’s restaurants in the country, and said that some of McDonald’s most popular sandwiches, Filet-o-Fish and Chicken Burger, don’t correspond with what the consumer watchdog considers nutritional meals.

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