Méline Lafont – Saint Germain – The Many Chapters Of Your Evolution : Chapter Liberation – REPOST 30/08/2012 – 14 August 2014

MelineLafontNew (267x357)Hi sweet friends, this is a repost channeled message of mine from Saint Germain which I find to be applying on this now moment of our current timeframe.  As everything is timeless and in the everlasting now, this message is a good assistance in this now as well, explaining about the current unfoldings.

Much love

Méline MPortia Lafont ❤

I Am Saint Germain and I wish to speak to you about the many volumes that display your course of life and your evolution, leading up to Ascension. You can easily compare your course of life and your evolution to a book which consists of many volumes and chapters, one even heavier than the other. Humanity in general has now arrived at the chapter entitled ‘Liberation’. Everything builds around this theme and consists of many phases that all lead you to this state of liberation, a fact that is now taking place. Everything cleares itself and dissolves to make way for the gigantic worldly and personal liberation.

The accumulation of negative thoughts and of negativity in general occur in “snapshots” and in phases to then leave your fields afterwards, giving you the impression of being pressured. It is tiresome and it can give you a feeling of being fed up with it all, you feel disenchanted and you wonder why the same things happen over and over again, you wonder how negativity can still be incurred. I can inform you that it is not always the case of negativity being incurred as you only attract what you emit in thoughts and deeds. You are all working very hard with the Light and are evolving into higher and higher Lightbeings. So this is not a matter of incurring more negativity but rather of letting it rise up from your self through your self in order to, once and for all, leave your fields definitely.

In most cases it is a matter of personally accrued negativity which was hidden deep inside yourselves that wishes to leave your fields. But on the other hand there is also collectively accrued negativity that passes through your fields on its way out and that’s the reason why this clearing feels as an unending process as new forms of negativity can come up depending not only on the choices humanity makes but also on the astral world which dwells around you in the form of the 4th dimension. Despite all that you now have begun the phase of the definite clean-up, make no mistake about that. So be grateful and welcome it, it will liberate you and your Mother Earth, and this has to happen one way or the other. The elimination goes in phases and that’s the reason why you all, at regular intervals, are feeling and experiencing this clearing process.

You almost have reached the end of it, my beloved ones, and from now on you will continue to work more on your Ascension process with increased positive feelings and thoughts, that is, the negativity will no longer be of a lasting nature. So focus on positive issues in your personal lives and enjoy the fun moments; do the things you love to do that bring a smile on your face and a magical feeling in your heart. Love, love, love! Love everything around you, love your brothers and sisters, love your life, love your incarnation, love your heart, love your feelings, love your thoughts. In a nutshell love all what you can love and focus on seeing everything around you through rose colored glasses. Love is all there is, Love is all you need. You already know that all too well by now and you are putting that knowing to good use. Keep on doing that, this world can use all the Love that you can give and than some more as Love is always abundantly present. Just Love all, the way that I love you, it is of enormous proportions!

I can assure you that some projects are now coming to the front and more specifically I refer to Nesara and Disclosure. Even as they are connected in a way they are also very different. We work arduously on both of them to get them announced and applied worldwide and we have now reached a milestone in these matters. They have often been stopped in their tracks resulting in unrest and delays but now we are steadfast on our way and they will emerge triumphantly. Together with Lady Master Nada I work diligently at the Nesara project in order to round up the finishing touches which will result in its introduction into your world. Nesara is on its way and almost complete, it only needs some more time to get it introduced the easy way, and since the greatest negativity and the darkest individuals are now removed from your world we are more at liberty to bring this forward. Have faith, it will come to pass as will Disclosure. Do not forget that Disclosure implies more a personal unveiling of issues that have heretofore always remained a secret for you. You determine what will be revealed on the basis of your own creations. I have discussed this in a previous channeling of mine.

Let me say to you, my beloved ones, that I heartily wish to guide you in this chapter about your liberation, as it is my personal task and assistance that I am most pleased to grant you. I do this wholeheartedly as I love humanity deeply. I have had many incarnations on your Earthly plane and I really enjoy meeting with you to share my wisdom and experiences with all of you. I am not out of your reach and remain at your service for ALL of you. So don’t hesitate to call me whenever you are in need of my almighty violet flame, which is at your disposal to use as you see fit. I myself am also at your disposal as the Master of the Age of Aquarius, as the Master ofnumerous other tests I’ve completely passed  . Now it is your turn to reach the same level and that’s why I am here with you and for you to help ascend everyone, including Mother Earth, to a higher state of being. My I Am That I Am greets you and sends you much heartwarming love.

Saint Germain

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