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Sophia Love – August 14th – Final – 14 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

“Thankyou for the update GE. That is great news about the reason nothing happened on the 27th.
Last year in May you said that there was about 35% chance that humanity can change the situation to its liking. Are you able to say how much progress we have made since then ?
Another question: will the end of the experiment happen no matter what, regardless of anything that happens between now and August 16 ? For example, if the moment of justice happens soon, and disclosure should follow shortly thereafter, will the end of the experiment will be cancelled so that humanity can continue its progress gradually ?” Continue reading

Sophia Love – August 14th – Part 2 – 14 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Here Good Friend Michael asked us both, me and Sophia about “multiple demiurges”

“Dear Sophia and GE,
Below I have a question I posted some time ago before question and answers where not as prevalent a subject Matter here,
I post again to perhaps get your guys opinion,
Now there’s one fella out there who would be recognized as the original proponent of multiple creator beings going off half-cocked as they are here,,
him personally I discount as a tool and not a very nice individual, but i am in association with those who allow that multiple entities,, a gang if you will, are responsible for the current state of affairs, IE. multiple diamurge’s
would you guys be so kind as to comment on this paragraph and the one below?
Thank you. Continue reading

Sophia Love – August 14th Update – Part 1 – 14 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

As this is a long one, it is separated into more than one post.

Good Day Everyone!

Due to the fact that “I.S. or Islamic State” had risen and because they are making huge atrocities in Iraq and Syria, I need to explain why are they doing those evil deeds, and this is something what Everyone here should know. This knowledge is well known, yet many ignore it and don’t give much necessary attention which it obviously needs. This knowledge is called “ideology”. It is the most necessary component of Evolution of a Civilization, without which “civilization don’t know in which way to go”. This knowledge guides every Civilization in the Cosmo toward their many destinies which they are choosing. The knowledge about ideology/ideologies and how to manage and maintain them is well hidden, yet in the same time it is lying right there in plain sight before Everyone’s eyes. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: Your Soul Craves Creativity – 14 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Willingness to constantly pursue the various creative routes many of you are discovering you can pursue will help you develop them more than you would’ve thought possible, and if you’re enthusiastic about doing anything, your ability to do it will naturally increase.

Willingness and enthusiasm are more important than we could hope to express, and the work many of you are on the earth to do requires the willingness to offer as much of yourselves as you can to the restoration of consciousness and the transformation of your planet, which is well underway. Continue reading

John Ward – The Paedofile Breaking….Cliff Richard’s Home Raided And Searched By Police – 14 August 2014

The search is not connected to Operation Yewtree, police insisted…adding that, nevertheless, the Yewtree team had been informed of developments. So it’s only a matter of time before Mark Willng-Hamas starts tweeting away as per usual.

A few years ago, Sir Cliff became a Caribbean resident. His choice of domiciled residency has no extradition agreement with the UK.

Previously at The Slog: The real meaning of ‘Comment’

www.hat4uk.wordpress.com  / link to original article

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Pace (Patience, Peace) – 14 August 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupThe Pace of your life is perfect. You are being called to empowered expansion in every moment and in ways that are unique to you. In one moment it may feel like support, in another moment it may feel like opposition, yet each moment is nurturing your expansion in perfect ways. As you relax into the Pace, you actually speed your progress and enhance your creative peace. Patience, that virtuous challenge, is your gracious host. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Obama’s War On Iraq – 14 August 2014

StevelendmanFor the third time since January 1991, America is at war with Iraq. It’s ongoing lawlessly.

No nation may attack another except in self-defense. None may do so without Security Council authorization. None exists. Obama is a war criminal multiple times over.

Bombing Iraq adds another crime to his rap sheet. Reasons given don’t wash. US involvement has nothing to do with humanitarian intervention or responsibility to protect.

It has everything to do with protecting the interests of ExxonMobil and Chevron operations. It’s about Washington wanting unchallenged regional control.

Continue reading