Russian Food Ban Takes Huge Bite Out Of Greek Fruit Growing Industry – 14 August 2014

RT logoGreek farmers say the Russian food embargo has already dealt a devastating blow to the country’s agricultural economy, leaving at least 3.5 million kilogrammes of peaches rotting in refrigerated trucks after being turned back at the Russian border.

There are around 3.5 million kilos of peaches currently rotting in trucks, and at the height of the summer another 3.5 million kilos have yet to be harvested,” the Guardian quotes Apostolos Keranis head of the Federation of Greek truckers. “We’re talking about huge, huge damage.

Russia buys more than 60 percent of Greek peach exports, and almost 90 percent of strawberries, says Christos Yannakakis, the president of Greece’s largest regional association of growers and cooperatives.
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