Sophia Love – August 14th – Final – 14 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

“Thankyou for the update GE. That is great news about the reason nothing happened on the 27th.
Last year in May you said that there was about 35% chance that humanity can change the situation to its liking. Are you able to say how much progress we have made since then ?
Another question: will the end of the experiment happen no matter what, regardless of anything that happens between now and August 16 ? For example, if the moment of justice happens soon, and disclosure should follow shortly thereafter, will the end of the experiment will be cancelled so that humanity can continue its progress gradually ?”

Yes, Good Friend, the progress since then was gradual and now increased to roughly 70% as we calculated, that is now double that amount.

This is due to increased awareness, awakening and due to recent evil events. You can see the mood of the World had changed slightly due to activities in Middle East and Ukraine and how media covers all of it and how U.S. government and the puppet “west” and EU with NATO reacts to everything. As you noticed they quite openly are showing that “they are ready for war, even if it is nuclear”. This very open attitude showed clearly to Everyone their true colors and that this world is not safe with these People.

All of this is playing right into the hands of Humanity and right out of the hands of illuminati/cabal. They almost lost, the more provocations and aggression they will make, the more pressure there will be on them, plus Yellowstone volcano and Sun can make very big damage to them if they will continue with that evil attitude. And they still have a chance for surrender. Humanity now have almost full confidence in Itself to guide the processes of this World, situation can be changed quite easily now, all that is necessary is for majority to act and make a change!

The end of experiment will happen regardless of any events and Moment of Justice/Event will mark the end of this experiment. This is when illuminati order/cabal will be disbanded officially and this huge conspiracy will cease to exist. Then must be introduced a New World with released fuelless technologies and new ways of life, it will be a Golden Age for Humanity, another Renaissance – Rebirth.

Followers of Light are free to stop it and show themselves anytime until august 2016. If nothing significant will be done, Moment of Justice will be forced onto this World.

But as we can see this won’t be necessary, Humanity almost released Itself from these shackles.

“Thank you for all that you do for all of us! I have two new questions.

Do you know of a higher density group with a toad-like appearance?

Do you have any information about IM Prism?

I send love and thanks to you to infinity!!


You are always welcome Good Friend! I am very happy that my information brings Joy to You:) I can tell You if I know such group if You will tell me the place from where they are, and what do You want to know about them?
IM Prism, I heard only of NSA project and some firms with this name, but I suppose You meant this
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Very beautifully written, if it is something else, let me know what information You need Good Friend!

“Re: Ebola and Colloidal Silver–I’d heard that idea, too, and just read another news article from Starship Earth: the Big Picture today that claimed colloidal silver was not the cure for ebola–that govt wanted people to think that–but actually mega-doses of Vitamin C (we’re talking 500 grams a day, I think–outrageous amounts, which needs to be done intravenously in part), because it claims what ebola does is deplete the body COMPLETELY of vitamin C, causing at first scurvy-like symptoms, but way harder, faster, and deadlier.
is the link to the article. The idea of a bio-engineered virus sucking the vitamin C out of someone made me think of that old Star Trek episode with the creature that killed people by sucking out their salt… But even if the article says colloidal silver is not the answer, heh, it still can’t hurt.”

Yes Good Friend, I heard of Vitamin C, Thank You for adding this information here! Yes it is indeed another cure against ebola and remember ebola is not sufficient to grow in cold climates and when there is a lack of water.

Do not be worried Everyone, this virus poses no danger whatsoever. What illuminati have in biological storage though, poses more danger, they also are making their steps into last part of Revelation – “mark of the beast” (beast means all this system of illuminati/cabal), you can see that even journalists are starting to admit this
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Yet still, they will not be able to chip Everyone and will not be able to make pandemic and depopulate Planet, almost Everyone “outside” are on the side of majority of Humanity now! And almost all tables are turned into Your side!:)


I will add some music to color the atmosphere here:)

From GEs
Beautiful music from TSFH
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Welcome to Amaria (Amaria means “God has said”)
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Downstream, this is where river is heading, from Source to the vastness sea of endless possibilities of Creation!
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The Essence of Life
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Rise and Fly, You are – Legend!
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Guardians, always ready to defend
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And from me, I have adventurous spirit:)
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With Peace, Calmness and Prosperity to Everyone! link to original article


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