Sophia Love – August 14th – Part 2 – 14 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Here Good Friend Michael asked us both, me and Sophia about “multiple demiurges”

“Dear Sophia and GE,
Below I have a question I posted some time ago before question and answers where not as prevalent a subject Matter here,
I post again to perhaps get your guys opinion,
Now there’s one fella out there who would be recognized as the original proponent of multiple creator beings going off half-cocked as they are here,,
him personally I discount as a tool and not a very nice individual, but i am in association with those who allow that multiple entities,, a gang if you will, are responsible for the current state of affairs, IE. multiple diamurge’s
would you guys be so kind as to comment on this paragraph and the one below?
Thank you.

Now the school of thought that is bandied about is that there are many of these demiurge’s, IE.( massive ancient bored multidimensional beings ) vying for the accolades or energy or simply trying to take over One’s creation instead of progressing themselves to the level of ONE and create their own multiverse ( for lack of a better term).

If we go with as above so below ,, I see often a child or one taken under one’s wing, try to take over the parents house and moving or pushing the parent out,( acted out here in humanity many times)

,,,instead of learning how to do it themselves, they try to take what you have, is this not a sign of a very young soul with no confidence in creating?
Would this then be the condition of the demuirge and it’s ilk?
How could such a massive being be so immature?”

Yes Good Friend, we know that there are multiple demiurges, but all of them are different. The one that took control over this Galaxy, is hungry for power and unfortunately lacks basic principles of Understanding.

Those other that I know (some I even remember, like from race “gaalatheans”, ancient civilization that is going on a path of Wisdom and Universal Understanding), they by most part are understanding Creation and are ready to go along the path of Free Will and they respect all other Beings that inhabit the Universe.

And like we know, in the past, long before life appeared on this Planet there were self appointed “gods” (I heard of at least two “most dangerous” from Forces of One) that wanted to control everything through power and even there was at least 1 “god” that simply wanted to destroy all of Creation (due to false ideologies, You can see how Your question synchronizes with ideologies topic (see part I)). These entities were brought down by Forces of One with the aid of Ancient Machines as they were endangering everything.

The child pushing parents away from house and taking control over what is at hand is again, because of ideology and “false beliefs”.

Education is the most important aspect of life of every Individual in a Civilization. If You remember the primary, the very first objective that Forces of One would have done in this World should Humanity approve to be a part of Forces of One was to change education, as education based on false principles of Understanding is what drives this World to a circle of constantly repeating mistakes.

Children are learning Themselves each moment of time (each second) and time for Children is going slower than for adults and as well Children are more easily to be harmed and more easily can be taught of ideology that can hardly leave Child’s mind if accepted. Without proper knowledge and ideology, children don’t know where to head and how to live in this World, so they are listening to those that are closest to them and are trying to take control over closest possible location. Parents are a well known since birth for Child Individuals, so Parents “bore” Child, that is why, when Child sees a new Individual (whether it is other toddler or uncle or neighbor), it is willful to listen to this Person, more than to Parents and as well is more willful to accept thoughts of this Individual, more that thoughts of Parents. Bear this in mind Good Friends, this is something Everyone seems to forget. Without notion of Understanding and Respect which need to be taught to Children, Children are doomed to repeat mistakes of old forgotten time.

And yes, in the end it all comes down to demiurge, as it was started by this being. Demiurge could have taught all what I wrote here and more to Humanity, but instead decided that religions could fix this issue. So through it’s subordinates ETs, this being made judaism and later christianity and islam, but as we know, originally demiurge intended these religions to be more peaceful and loving, but Humanity distorted them to get more power and profit. What this being failed though, is that demiurge did not fix this mistake and let religions to become what they are now.

This is also from Good Friend Michael

“GE I can’t tell you how important it is to me to have you sharing as u are, its very much like not so much what u are saying as when u address us or address me individually I can feel a “Healing”
going on, it’s quite profound I am very grateful for this combination of having something my mind can integrate and my subconscious / inner child can transform.

while theres only a few people here i suspect perhaps that u are in contact with other small groups and that your purpose here is spread the word so to speak and have that word spread from there through us and believe me the awareness that I intergrate here is extremely calming to those whom I have contact with and share with as i go about my daily business,,
other than living moving and having my being in this way ,, is there some thing else as per an exchange of energy perhaps, or simply some action you would like me to take that would further your intentions here? what u would like me to do?
Your good friend Michael

Here GE, and guys and gals,
this is from the same lady that produced ” the Lie that NASA told”

there was precursor to this that i will try to find,,here it is ,,


also , last year there much hoopla about “what are the vatican and nasa telescopes looking at!!!! ”
They seemed to be using a lot of precious scope time looking at only one part of the sky.

You are always welcome Good Friend!

I enjoy seeing Everyone Happy and hope that soon all of the World will be Happy and won’t need any of the life’s necessities:)

I could ask only to spread the knowledge about fuel less technologies (magnetic, water, solar) and to let People know of ETs. Yes ETs are ridiculed, but in time People of this Planet will understand, it would be enough to at least tell “they are real” and back it with some real video footage like 2011 UFO over “dome of the rock”.

I’m not asking to spread knowledge about illuminati/cabal because knowledge about them corrupts and it corrupts even more when we are trying to tell others People that ignore this “that they are real” and not Everyone from You Good Friends are ready for this. Share knowledge about illuminati/cabal only with those that seek the Truth and want to know more about them, from conversation with such People You will receive much Pleasure and Joy!:) I don’t recommend to spread this knowledge to those that ignore it, this creates negativity.

Thank You very much for all the links and research You made Good Friend!

Vatican and pope are desperate as well, they are losing all their credibility and power. We don’t hear about anything going on around the Sun, SOHO and SDO images did not show anything special on these dates.
Good Friend Yellow Rose knows a lot, but as always use Your own discernment. link to original article


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