Sophia Love – August 14th Update – Part 1 – 14 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

As this is a long one, it is separated into more than one post.

Good Day Everyone!

Due to the fact that “I.S. or Islamic State” had risen and because they are making huge atrocities in Iraq and Syria, I need to explain why are they doing those evil deeds, and this is something what Everyone here should know. This knowledge is well known, yet many ignore it and don’t give much necessary attention which it obviously needs. This knowledge is called “ideology”. It is the most necessary component of Evolution of a Civilization, without which “civilization don’t know in which way to go”. This knowledge guides every Civilization in the Cosmo toward their many destinies which they are choosing. The knowledge about ideology/ideologies and how to manage and maintain them is well hidden, yet in the same time it is lying right there in plain sight before Everyone’s eyes.

Humanity on it’s part is also having ideology and not just 1, but many. Yet having many ideologies is a natural way of Evolution of Consciousness and Civilization. Different ideologies here created many conflicts here on this Planet, and ideologies include not only known autocracy, militarism, nationalism, nazism, democracy and communism, but as well religions – christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, hinduism.

Every way that dictates how Everyone should live is called “ideology”. This word was born in France during french revolution and means “science of ideas”, yet in actuality this word was in existence since the ancient times in different forms. Ideology consists of many ideas banded together under 1 word like for example “democracy” or “christianity”. Word ideology is very suited and like we know, it was given by One in some sort of it, to summarize everything in this World what comes to mean by this word.

Ideology is a struggle to idealism, that is “to become ideal in how ideology dictates”. Every ideology and religion in this World was dictating how People should do to become “ideal” and “make life easier”. What is important in ideology is that the use of “wrong words” may lead to the disaster, and like You can see now, “islamic state” are misinterpreting the words written in quran and in actuality are doing pure evil, without understanding and acknowledging it. Those that have power over “islamic state” are using these “wrong words” for their advantage and this advantage is again greed for wealth and power.

If You can see by now what I mean here, You can understand that it is not the choice these People made to make this evilness and cruelty, it is ideology and wrong misinterpretation of words that forced them to do those evil doings and it is being fueled by “appreciation” of their doings and “encouragement” to do more by those that stand above them and as well due to their false beliefs that their actions “are justified by Allah”.

Such wrong words had made many sufferings and pain to this World, so when ideology is being created, it needs to use words that don’t have two or more meanings, to not disillusion all those many People that will follow such ideology. Ideologies by definition affects all and any, changing and transforming those that follow given ideology and as well, little by little are transforming all that surrounds these People. Illuminati order on their part are also having ideology and this secretive ideology is bent on destruction of a civilization “as civilization”, that is destroying society and making Everyone completely same and obedient to evil world system. Illuminati made themselves slaves to their evil ideology and are finding hard time to come out of it, same happened with christians, muslims and jews. Illuminati/cabal are a derivative of mainly christianity and judaism. And all ideologies, if not carefully planned can make many derivatives, number of which depends on planning of ideology, that is, due to many wrong words which were used in the bible, many denominations came out of it that interpreting words differently.

And so is the main schism between shia and sunni, which comes only from 1 small detail, which is “who could be called the Mohammed’s descendant”. Because Mohammed did not named his successor, muslims were separated on 2 after he passed away. So this is again, a not well planned ideology what You can see in Islam. And Islam by itself is a derivative of judaism and christianity, which were composed with the use of “wrong wording” and so is like they are subjected to partitioning.

The planning of ideology is the most important subject in Forces of One and this is given “most highest priority”. The Religion of One is a product of most highest spiritual thinking and of most highly orderly shaped planning. I mentioned Religion of One to give an example that ideology is present outside this World and within Forces of One as well, so it is one universal subject that encompasses all and any, within physical reality and outside of physical reality. Even demiurge and Beings of Purity are having their own ideology, plus all civilizations in Galactic Federation of Light too have their own ideologies which are unique to each civilization. And One Itself is having “ideology” or something You know as “an Absolute Plan”.

The only thing that is not affected by ideology is music. That is why we give much attention to music and share with You the most emotion or spiritually oriented music. Music can be only positive, negative or balanced. There are many subcategories which are in the music, but they all basically are jumping into one of 3 main categories. The only thing that can change music are words/emotions/expressions. Let’s say for example that music is completely beautiful, but words in song are completely negative or even evil. Such wording can completely distort the original meaning of music. We call this force “corruption”, corruption is a derivative of primordial force of chaos and is a destructive force.

On opposite when music is terrible, but is filled with completely beautiful words, words transform music and make it beautiful, even though music is not pleasant to hear. We call this force “restoration” on opposite to corruption. Restoration is coming out of primordial and hidden force of “Order”, this was never told, but this force is coming right from the Consciousness of One, and this is exactly what You understand as Source or One or Creator of the Universe and this force after chaos gave birth to this orderly shaped Universe and to Life (including Humans). Force of chaos was necessary to give birth to Universe and Order was necessary to make Universe calm and stable, like we know Order was in existence before light and darkness, so it is not Light, but the very Thought/Consciousness of One. Eventually mix of Chaos and Order made Light and Darkness and both are a part of One.

I decided to let You know about this hidden knowledge of ideology which is right before Everyone’s eyes, because it’s importance is absolute. And now You will be able to see, that those that commit crimes or unimaginable cruelty are doing it, because of beliefs which were all about evil, or which were misinterpreted falsely or not correctly. If You have questions on this subject please ask Good Friends, we GEs know this subject very well.

Also to add, we received information that U.S. government can’t have “islamic state” under control, “IS” are now very erratic, U.S. government had risen them to power, because U.S. wanted to use them against Syrian president Bashar Al’Assad, but lost control over them when they moved to conquer Iraq. Then regained control back and now lost it again. They are bombing them obviously for this reason as they can’t use them anymore. “islamic state” now chose the force of chaos and can’t be controlled by any means, unless weakened. The People there abandoned their humane behavior and are now very dangerous to Everyone, the black color they wear is showing that they chose the way of death. U.S. government now is actually doing good thing in saving People in Iraq being threatened by this dangerous “islamic state”. “IS” also are targeting Everyone that have different than they are having ideology. link to original article