Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: Your Soul Craves Creativity – 14 August 2014

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Willingness to constantly pursue the various creative routes many of you are discovering you can pursue will help you develop them more than you would’ve thought possible, and if you’re enthusiastic about doing anything, your ability to do it will naturally increase.

Willingness and enthusiasm are more important than we could hope to express, and the work many of you are on the earth to do requires the willingness to offer as much of yourselves as you can to the restoration of consciousness and the transformation of your planet, which is well underway.

The work the conscious public is doing is more important than we could hope to express, and the harder you work to bring humanity into the light, the more you’ll hone and sharpen the skills you’ve come to the earth to use.

If you’re willing to pursue the creative works that help you awaken others to the reality of spirit and the necessity to orient to love and the divine qualities, others will respond to your work and you’ll gain a considerable degree of notoriety.

Of course, your role in bringing humanity into the light isn’t about ‘fame’ or notoriety – it’s about empowering yourselves and everyone around you to start contributing in whatever way works best for them. The work you’re on the earth to do might cause you to gain notoriety along the way, but this doesn’t have to be your goal.

Your Work Can Become Purer

This has been the goal of some conscious seekers who want to use any potential position of notoriety to awaken even more seekers, but whether or not you attain it, your work is very potent and very, very needed on your planet at this time.

You’re encouraged to work as hard as you see fit, sharpening your creative skills and awakening waves of others in the process, and we note that many of you tend to feel very low and dull when you don’t pursue your creative works. Your soul craves creativity; expansion; the development of whatever creative ability works best for you, and if you act on this craving, you might just find the wholeness so many of you seek.

You might find that it becomes easier to sharpen and hone your creativity when you let yourselves find a clear and pure frame of mind/heart to work through, and your work will become purer and purer with each attempt you make to hone and refine it.

Your work can become far purer than many of you have allowed it to be so far, and all that’s required is the willingness to pursue it. Let yourselves work a little harder when you feel like you could take a break. Pursue the development of your abilities with as much commitment and dedication as you can muster up, for the planetary ascension depends on it.

Of course, your planetary ascension will happen whether or not each of you gets more active than you’ve already been, but every bit of work you do accelerates your ascension timetable and widens the portal for plenty more awakening souls to step through.

Your actions on the earth are more important than we could hope to express, and pursuing the development of your creativity is equally important.

Many of you enjoy your creative routes so much that you constantly and willingly pursue them, and we couldn’t be happier about this because of the monumental effect you’re making on the world around you. The effect you’re making is purer than we could hope to express, and you’re wholeheartedly encouraged to keep making this effect – especially when it seems like your creativity has all but run out.

As many of you are learning, your creativity can never truly run out – you can only convince yourselves you’re depleted of it. It’s easy to convince yourselves of the idea of illusory separation, but to do so is to hold yourselves back more than you’d think or expect and make it difficult to spiritually and creatively soar.

All that matters is that you’re active in using the light you carry within to awaken, inform and uplift others, and beyond your work, you can embody the divine qualities whenever and wherever possible.

Every moment of your life is a test, and you can notice when you’re being tested by the events and circumstances you’re placed in. How will you choose to react to the next hurtful or stressful thing that makes its way to you? The choice is yours, and if you choose to respond with love and openness, it’ll be much easier to handle.

However, if you respond with the mental rigidity that keeps you in your current state of consciousness, it’ll seem almost impossible to deal with and you may wonder why you’re having so much difficulty handling something that could otherwise be very easy.

The difficulty of the challenges you face depends on how you choose to see them, but some of you will be given difficult lessons that you’re tasked with wading through to the best of your abilities.

Practice Venturing Deeper

Your ability to find and remain in your sacred center is growing as much as your higher-vibrational perception, and like anything else, practice makes perfect. Practice venturing deeper and deeper into your center, for it’s in this mystical place that you’ll find everything you seek.

Deep within the center of every soul, earthly or otherwise, exists a banquet of love that you can use for the benefit of those around you. Within the hearts of each of you lies a pure banquet of love, and accessing it is the first step to radiating it for the rest of creation to enjoy.

Not just humanity, but various souls on various planets benefit from the light you’re emitting from the earth.

We’ve mentioned before that various planets are receiving banquets of energy, which the earth’s ongoing ascension is providing, and you can do your part in sending these banquets out for various civilizations to absorb and use to boost their own ascensions, which will likely take place after the earth’s.

Once the earth has ascended, various planets who’ve awaited their own ascensions will receive the needed boost that’ll help them complete their journey into ever higher spheres, and once you’re all back in the higher realms, your journey can really begin.

Your journey of dimensional exploration will just begin when you reach the fifth dimension, and already, many souls are peeking into this realm and starting the greatest aspects of their journey. You’re going to enjoy what lies ahead far more than you’ve enjoyed the things you’ve done on the earth so far, because the dimensions you’re heading into aren’t nearly as dense or suffocating as the third.

The bliss that permeates every facet of consciousness in these realms surpasses any description we could hope to give, and you can tap into it from the confines of the earth if you make an effort.

Opening your minds and hearts to the love that constantly sits within is among the best things you can do for yourselves in this potent time, and opening up to the influence of your higher selves, guides, and the rest of the Company of Heaven will provide you an outlet to vent your frustrations while, at the same time, receiving loving guidance and assistance.

You can funnel your pains and difficulties to your higher selves and guides, and since we don’t exist on a vibration that harbors the pain so many of you tend to feel, we can absorb and transmute your pain very easily.

Simply funnel it out to us, which requires releasing it from your physical and etheric bodies (as well as your mind and heart), and we’ll do the rest. The most difficult aspect of this is releasing the stressful or painful emotions that could be holding you back, and in order for us to help you, you have to be willing to release them to us.

Releasing pain is one of the hardest things for many earthly souls to do, and we note that this is one of the most difficult aspects of your ascension process. Surfacing and transmuting what’s been called the ‘shadow self’ can be difficult for many of you, because you’re still unknowingly attached to the painful emotions that linger within.

Lower-vibrational attachments will keep you chained to the realm you’re currently in, and to progress to a higher sphere, you’ll have to be willing to release the pain and trauma and move forward with your slate cleaned and your perspective completely transformed.

Keep Your Head Held High

You have the ability to do so many wonderfully pure and potent things, but you have to be willing to release everything that continues to hold you back first.

There are plenty of things that could easily take you out of your center and keep you from doing the important work you’re on the earth to do, and we lovingly request that you see through any distraction that’d keep you from fulfilling your mission.

With all of the distractions and subversions the earth offers, the best thing you can do is to keep your head held high and focus on the goals that are directly ahead of you. You can have your head in the clouds, and in fact, we encourage it, but we also encourage being grounded enough that you don’t float away on a ray of your own spiritual awareness.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this, but if you want to help the earth and its people ascend, you’ll have to be relatively ‘earthly’ yourselves.

What we mean is that you’ll have to be able to relate to at least some of your society if you want to help the people within it become aware of sprit, and a little bit of grounding is always recommended. Feel free to stay on ‘cloud nine’ for as long as you want, but look down from there occasionally, reaching your hand out to others who are ready to get there too.

When we say ‘cloud nine’, we refer to the blissful spiritual state of mind and heart so many of you are accessing, and you’re encouraged to increase your perception of this aspect of your consciousness as you continue raising your vibration and welcoming the descent of purer aspects of yourselves who intend to make your jobs easier.

If you can open up and allow these higher facets to come into expression throughout your daily life, the rigidity so many of you tend to experience will practically fade away, to be replaced with pure, simplistic joy and bliss.

One of the things you’ll notice when the higher facets make themselves known is that your humility is turned up. You’ll find that you don’t crave anything big, exalted or impressive, and you’ll simply want to exist as an embodiment of the love energy you’re starting to discover you are at your core; at your essence.

The desire to simply be is growing in a wealth of earthly seekers who recognize that humility will lead them back home, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with joy for the humility that’s starting to emerge in the conscious public.

As you’re learning, the purpose of your earthly existence isn’t necessarily to do monumental things – it’s to do what you came to the earth to do with the knowledge that it’ll help whoever it’s meant to help. Just be yourselves – let your essence shine brilliantly, and everyone who’s meant to be led to you or your work, will be.

You’ll eventually find that you helped uplift waves of others who could use this upliftment, and your willingness to contribute to the restoration of consciousness will increase more than it already has. Keep up your good work, dearest seekers, and always remember that Source is with you – especially in your darkest and most difficult times.

You’re never left alone, and realizing this is the first step to receiving the guidance you’ve always been meant to receive. Open your minds and hearts, and it’ll flow, gracefully yet powerfully.

Than you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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