Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – It Doesn’t Matter Why You Feel Good – 17 August 2014

 LarryLarsonWhat about feelings? How are they important?

Your feelings are the sharpest indicator that you have of your vibrational alignment with Source and your own desires. The Source of All is in agreement with what you have imagined, and that you flow your attention towards. So it is not a question of your deservedness or worthiness of what you have asked. Source has become what you desire; your feelings indicate your condition of alignment or misalignment with what Source has become on your behalf.

This is why it is so crucial for you to cultivate good feelings. When you are feeling good you are attracting more of that which feels good. When you are feeling bad you are attracting more of that which feels bad. And it doesn’t matter why you feel good. It doesn’t matter why you feel good because we’re not talking about a logical, nuts and bolts, physical cause and effect, insert tab A into slot B kind of assembly process.

The process we are talking about is one with multiple inputs and orientations and a unique vibrational signature emanating from the whole. That whole experience that you would like to live, that you would like to attract, has a unique vibration quality to it. And you will only live that reality when your vibration is a match to that vibrational signature.

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~ Twelve / via newsletter 17 August 2014

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