Lisa Gawlas – Allowing For Changes – 17 August 2014

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I have decided, I better really watch what I say and how I say it.  I have been calling this moon, the 2nd super moon in a 3 month period, the creamy middle.  Well, knowing the universe hears us literally (and yet they speak in metaphors and symbolisms, go figure) the turned me from a solid into something that could resemble paste.  Upper chest congestion, sinus congestion, watery eyes, blocked ears and not only did all this affect my vocal chords, for the past 5 days, it completely froze them up.  I had zero audibility, no rasp, no horse, just no sound period and I had to dig deep within my lungs to produce a whisper.  I have spent the last two weeks cough at the moon all night and sleeping the better part of the day.  For the first week and a half, I didn’t complain much since I was still able to vividly see and understand all that was happening inside of me.  But the last 3-4 days I was completely in the unplugged zone, which really let the “i feel sorry for myself” emotions come up to the surface and poke at me.  At least my team didn’t have me wallowing there.  Each time a sad emotion came up, they threw me lines from our past.  For example, I realized I have once again traded off being with my kids and grandson for yet another upgrade.  Its been since January since I last seen them and I had plans on going the beginning of next month, that is until I went into the garage again!  I wasn’t so much complaining as I was just feeling really sad about another month going by and not seeing my grandson.  Every time that sadness came up (it only lasted one day) my team echoed words from the past:

“If you could have it all, would you let it all go first?”  

At first, all I did was stick my tongue out at my team.  But thru the day, they repeated it over and over again, and with its repetition seemed to open something inside of me into a wider understanding, deeper meanings beyond the superficial aspects of want and have.

We as a species do not like to be inconvenienced at all.  Especially when it comes to the perception we have about health.  We want what we think of as ascension, yet have no desire to let our bodies go thru the absolutely needed process to handle the higher vibrations of ascension.  We throw supplements into it, we give up this, take in that, all because we really don’t trust our bodies to work in the way it is designed and in truth, we simply prolong the process, which will start again, unless we have completely given up on the process itself.

Imagine if the caterpillar didn’t trust the process at hand, we would never have a butterfly to behold.  The only real difference between us humans and the caterpillar, we will go into the cocoon stage many times over the decades as every ounce of our bodies change to hold the higher frequencies.

These “symptoms” will be different and/or stronger with each person, depending on where they focus their energies in life.  I see and read for a living.  I must keep up with the accelerated energies in order to do my job, my voluntary job, efficiently.

We talk about the harvested energies coming in, or what many would call new codes coming online inside the human, they must be assimilated within the DNA structure, which causes change in the body.

My team knew if I had any semblance of voice, I would still attempt to read, which would actually put me directly in your field of light and my physical body could not handle that as it changed.  So they shut me up completely.  Gotta love my team!! lol

But they did weave in some amazing magic too.  Helping me see what we have really gotten ourselves into now.  About a week ago, two new critters showed up in my world, both presenting themselves at my bathtub, which is my meditation place.  The first one was a mouse.  I am normally scared of mice (and bugs lol) but when I seen him scamper across my floor, my heart opened up so wide I just felt so much love for this little critter.  I really cough myself by surprise.  Try as I might, he wouldn’t let me take his picture tho.

The very next day, I swear I had an ET bug hanging on my shower curtain:

Link to picture

I must say again, thank God for facebook and people who know critters.  He was instantly identified as a praying mantis.  Off to my favorite animal totem page I went and found these two meanings for a mouse and a praying mantis:


Attention to details and examining closely, fastidious, may be getting too locked into details or may need to see them more closely now, need to focus on where your attention is. Are you too quiet or too loud? Mouse can teach lessons of stealth and invisibility for sometimes great strength lies within quietness. Time to be aware of new discoveries and possibilities. Listen to your introspection and intuition.

Praying Mantis:

Power of calmness, stillness, silence, time of meditation, inner reflection, stillness in healing or in creativity, teaches how to manipulate surroundings with skill, direct the body’s energy to empower the body. Are you taking some quiet time for yourself? Are you being patient with those around you? Are you moving toward your goals? However slow it may take, patience and perseverance is the key. Are you allowing the time to stop and pause in between tasks? Are listening carefully to yourself, others and your surroundings – in other words are you paying attention? Praying Mantis can teach you how to balance these energies.

When I seen the information on the mantis, I thought about those two words, “manipulate surroundings.”  I had 50 pounds of bird food sitting in the trunk of my car and the bag in my house about empty.  I could barely walk 10 feet without completely loosing my breath, yet I needed to get that bird seed into the house.  Funny how literal my own mind can be.  I asked all the things in my house if they could go get the bird seed for me.  In their own way, they did comply, just in a very different way than I expected.  I suddenly was filled with energy in my body and decided to take that opportunity to go fetch the bird seed.  50 pounds of bird seed slung over my shoulder from front yard to back door and I didn’t even get winded.  I was shocked.  Amazed really.  I was looking for the things in my home to transform themselves to go fetch the bird seed and instead, they released their energy into mine to allow me to do it myself.

My team also told me the mantis was a gift to me as well.  My house is littered with crickets and they keep me awake at night, we won’t even talk about the spiders.  Well, I researched the diet of a mantis and doncha know it eats what I wanted out of my home.  But let me back up a minute.  About 2 weeks prior I actually bought bug spray to get rid of the crickets but couldn’t bring myself to kill them.  The mantis came to do the job for me and I am still cricket and spider free to this day (Its been 8 days now.)

The co-operative universe.

The next day, which would be day number 10 of coughing at the midnight moon,  being voiceless and rescheduling everyone on my calendar… a-freakin-gain I sat and pondered why the hell is this time around taking so damn long.  I got two instant replies from my team.  First and foremost, in May, as the cough symptoms presented themselves again, I used my voice of authority and demanded to bleed instead of wheez.  I started bleeding the next day and May, June and July I had zero wheezing/coughing/breathing problems, instead, I bled each month like girls should.  lol  Delaying the monthly upgrades that were needed and now, I am getting them all at once because the energies demand it if I am to continue to do what I do.


I also realized, since I now have my home nebulizer, I didn’t go to the docs to help me breathe, I just smoked the peace pipe at home.  This also eliminated prednisone from this journey.  Prednisone works in harmony with these upgrades, allowing the lungs to function fuller more quickly.  Dammit.  I put a little rant on facebook about needing prednisone and the amazing people who share my life there, sent me sooooo much love, which I turned into prednisone and for the first time in 10 days, slept thru the night, no wheezing, no coughing… but sadly, this is when I had woken up with zero voice, as my teams says “for safety reasons.” lol

Lights started to turn on inside of me tho.  Between this amazing night and the amazing adventure of getting the birdseed from my car to my house… there was something bigger to be understood.

Charging the energy that surrounds us, pulling from others (people and things) that are willing to share their energy field with yours, to create what is needed in the moment.  This is where the energy of frustration can be the best thing we have available to us, as long as we do not get out of the space of love within ourselves.  That frustration gathers and changes the molecular structure of energy to match whatever we need inside.  Of course, as we master this more and more, we will not need to get to frustration to change things, but for now… whatever works!!

I woke up yesterday, day 13 into the silent zone and just wanted to cry as I rescheduled everyone again and I am missing you all so flipping much.  Frustration at an all time high inside of me.  I kept hearing the voice of my boob doctor suggesting I try an allergy medicine to see if it helps bring my voice back.  I needed to go into the world anyway as I wanted a live trap to catch my mouse and set him free, so i said screw it… off to the big wide world I went.

Thank God the people I encountered out there were really good listeners.  As I got to Home Depot, I had to ask where the live traps were, even my whispers were getting quieter… but the man heard me and walked me to mouse section.

My next mission, DRUGS!!  I went to Walgreens and attempted to ask the pharmacist which would better to get my voice back, I decided the drugs behind the counter, the ones you need an ID to get, are the ones I want.  The guy asked me which I prefer and I said I didn’t care, which ever one will get my voice back the fastest.  We came down to price since they are all the same, I got the Walgreens brand (Wal-Zyr-D.)  The moment I got into my car, I opened the package and swallowed a pill.  Since Albertsons was right behind Walgreens, I decided to skip grocery shopping at Walmart and do Albertsons.  There was a little boy in a truck like grocery cart that said “look at me, I’m driving.”  By now, I instantly put my hand up to my throat and completely expected to whisper  you are such a big boy” and instead, I had voice.  Holy freakin shit!!  I heard my voice and it was less than 30 minutes from taking that pill!!  Is that even possible?

All the way home I kept saying something out loud, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.  Nope, I had voice.  I even called my son just to hear myself talk… sure enough, 5 minutes of conversation I stayed audible.

When I got home I looked at the package details, good for runny nose, watery eyes, scratchy throat, didn’t say a damn thing about laryngitis tho.  I heard my team for the first time in days say… you charged it up to do what you wanted.  Several hours later a commercial came on the TV that I had never seen before.  It was an ad from Zyrtec proclaiming how better it is than Claritin D.  It specifically stated that this pill works within the first hour where as Claritin D works within the first 3 hours.  No doubt in my heart it was my teams way of saying… it wasn’t the pill I took but the instruction I gave to it by my frustration and deep desire.

It is OUR job to USE the energy available to us.  To give it instruction.  Not in a wishy-washy way… but firm and unyielding in desire.

Equally, everyone who feels aligned with the new energies really, really, really must get out of the thought that anything is broken and needs healing.  The caterpillar going into the cocoon is not broken, nor is the women in labor as she gushes fluids from her body and screams out in pain and her body seems to convulse to push out that baby.  Neither are we.  Honor the process at hand.  Because unlike the elements that got us to here, we all must move forward together.  If you are part of this high collective, and you keep trying to fix yourself, we all must take up the slack and transform the energy for you.

Spirit showed me this process like a wheel:

Unified Consciousness

I would like to conclude this sharing with the words of one of my most favorite and trusted channels, Kryon:

Refresh Your Truth
From Kryon Channel, “Soul Communication 2″
February, 2013 in San Antonio, TX
 There may be challenges along the way, dear ones, and there will be those of you who say,“Civilization is going backwards.” I want you to use common sense. When you recalibrate an entire earth and include the recalibration of Human consciousness, there will be a lot of those who go into frustration. There will be challenge. The old ways don’t work anymore. You’re going to see splits in everything, even the new age. I’ve told you that. This message will not sit well with those who are invested in old teaching and tradition. But it will be seen as a revelation to those who will allow it.

 Refresh your truth!

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

I love you all so very much and miss our connections more than you will ever realize.  I am Jonesing for you!!  More than anything tho, THANK YOU for enduring my quite time!!

(((((HUGZ)))))  of grand adventures and unlimited possibilities to ALL!!!

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