Feds Say Traffic Camera Vendor Bribed Chicago Official To Boost City Surveillance System – 18 August 2014

RT logoThe former CEO of a red light camera vendor and a former Chicago official were indicted last week on federal corruption charges for a decade-long bribery scam during which the city became a poster child for the surveillance cameras in the US.

The indictment unsealed last Wednesday names former Redflex chief executive officer Karen Finley and John Bills, former deputy commissioner for the Chicago Department of Transportation, as well as Bills’ friend and Redflex contractor Martin O’Malley, as part of the scheme that saw the better part of $2 million funneled to Bills after the Chicago official worked with the company to win a lucrative contract for the cameras, which record any vehicle running a red light, in the city. Bills was found to have used the money to purchase the likes of a Mercedes, a boat, a cabin in Michigan and a condominium in Arizona.

During the contractual relationship between Redflex and Chicago, the city’s traffic surveillance program – Digital Automated Red Light Enforcement Program (DARLEP), which ran from October 2003 to February 2013 – generated nearly $500 million in tickets for the city, according to the Chicago Tribune, eventually making DARLEP the largest such system in the nation.

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