Sophia Love – August 18th Update Part 1 – 18 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

From Ray E.:
“I have fascinated with the description of the “Demiurge”. Would GE have information as. to the origination of Demiurges in general. Did (One) create them and if so for what purpose? In other words how did they come to be?”
And the answer…
Re: free energy –
(The spread of fuel less technologies is not fast, but at least, People are seeking them. The main obstacle that prevents this World from evolving further is U.S. government and all this evil system that was established by illuminati/cabal, once they are gone, there wouldn’t be anyone preventing the spread of New Energy technologies.)

Good Day Good Friend!

As we know Universe was created in way that all must evolve and become better then it was before. We gave name “demiurge” only to this being that controls this Galaxy based on gnostics teaching and name we took from there, others we name as “lesser Creator-Gods”.

Demiurge is an all-powerful being that is a ruler of a highly evolved civilization of energetic organisms we call “Beings of Purity”. They have evolved to a state from which there is almost no way to evolve further and so they decided to create new life (their Children) and through it to achieve “new ways of Evolution” (that is what I meant by achieving “ultimate power”). Humanity is a product of their thinking and craft.

One created lesser Creator-Gods that is true, but they were created naturally, that is by process of “evolving further and becoming better”. Some Creator-Gods are choosing way of Harmony and aid, some are choosing neutrality toward everything and others are becoming obsessed with power and control and this thing happened with demiurge.

One grants everything complete freedom, so Everyone that wants to be obsessed with power and control can do it. Although One don’t like when damage is being done to others and demiurge done damage. This was not prevented as One is always “fighting with Itself” trying to overcome It’s own powers. From one side One wants Harmony from the other side One allows freedom of actions which creates, what You can see is in demiurge. And so it can be said that One’s wishfulness for Harmony lost in demiurge, so here is a product of this.


“Hi Good Friend.
Indeed converstions about illuminati/cabal are little bit difficult because there is a lot of contraditory infos out there.The 14/08 i had a conversation with an open minded postgraduate student on that subject,and i see that i lack some infos.Can you tell us about the origin of the illuminatis and some infos you find is worth sharing.Thank you
As others here on this blog i like you very much and i sense you as a friend although i don’t know you.But i am sure you know who i am”

Yes Good Friend, of course I can help You with that, everything about them is very evil, so be careful Good Friend.
Information about illuminati basics: what is illuminati, when and how it appeared
Click here.

illuminati’s secret agenda:
Click here.

Their religion – this is all about luciferianism, I recommend only first half of the movie (until 49:30), second half is telling that ETs are “demons” and there is some falsification. We All know that ETs aren’t “demons”, this thought is based on fact that ETs never appeared before Humanity and Humanity never seen Them, so of course Those who don’t understand Them, will call Them with closest name available, that is for religious believers “demons” or “angels”. It is like in ancient times of black People living in Africa, Others living outside were thinking also as “demons”.
Click here.

What they are doing in their “secret societies” (remember these people are in control of “west” and whole “beast system”)
Click here.
And here.
And here.

Alex Jones famous footage of “bohemian grove club” made in cycle 2000, it is along video, the beginning of their “infiltration” starts in 39:01
Click here.

illuminati’s oath bonded by blood of their families
Click here.

And last is about tight connection of freemasonry, illuminati and USA (here is mentioned bible, but remember, illuminati ideology is based on christianity, illuminati and luciferianism/satanism is literally anti-christianity).

I’m taking information from christians sometimes, because they can see very greatly the whole picture of illuminati/cabal (because remember, illuminati are based on christianity).

Do not take seriously when in a video they are saying that this is “inevitable”. You know that future is not decided in that way, the thinking of fundamental believers is “that there is nothing that can be done”, because “it is how it is written so or said so”. It is all a part of this massive programming/indoctrination and system of slavery.
Only take from this information, the most necessary Truth about foundation of whole this evil system
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This is their last invention “to control all and any”, chip which is called “mark of the beast” by illuminati (from Revelation of bible), they also are preparing their newest inventions to grow food and meat which will be available for almost free to everyone that “accepts this chip”. Food only for chipped Humans, stomach of other People will not accept such food, prices on all normal food for not chipped Humans they want to increase tenfold:
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Remember though, that they only think that everything will be how they want it to be, in actuality everything will be completely opposite, Humanity will become free from everything they planned and free to travel to Stars! So is the decision of Consensus of Humanity and so is accepted by One.

All of this information is troubling mind, so don’t give Yourself too much into it, as I mentioned it corrupts if we think too much about it. It is good to know it and remember of it, so everything they plan would not take place ever and will never be repeated again by anyone else which would want to repeat this. / link to original article


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