Wes Annac – The Borderlands: More On The First And Second Life Reviews – Part 1/2 – 18 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Previously, we learned about the initial life review that apparently takes place in the Borderlands. We learned that there’s also a second, more in depth review that takes place later, which has been called ‘Judgment Day’, and now, we’re going to learn that some people experience their initial life review before their body ceases to live.

The initial review helps some people transition into the fourth dimension, but others don’t experience their review until a little bit later. Each person’s journey through the fourth dimension is unique, and everyone experiences the adventure differently.

The same can be said for the third dimension, and no matter how many channeled accounts we examine about life after death, we’ll find that no two journeys are alike. We chose to experience the lower and higher realms differently, and this existence wouldn’t be very enjoyable if all of our lives ran along the exact same thread.

We’re blessed with uniqueness and individuality here in the lower spheres, and we’ll continue to be until we’re back in Source’s pure and uninhibited realms.

Henry Boyse tells us that he watched images of his life flicker by before his physical life technically ended.

“Before the end, I entered into a curious time in which I seemed to be always awake, lying there in blinding light, seeing pictures of my life all the time from the very beginning. They wouldn’t stop coming – that was what was so maddening about them.” (1)

The same thing happened to Sigwart, an artist who died in World War One.

“Then suddenly I saw my whole life before me and I knew that the end was near!” (2)

Dr. Raymond A. Moody tells us about his experience passing through the veil, which involved watching scenes from his life.

“I rapidly became very ill and I felt much worse. I was lying in bed and I remember trying to reach over to my wife and say that I was very sick, but I found it impossible to move. Beyond that, I found myself in a completely black void and my whole life … flashed in front of me. …

“I went from grammar school to high school to college, then to dental school, and then right into practicing dentistry.” (3)

As he watched his life flash before his eyes, he regretted certain things he did and didn’t do.

“I knew I was dying and I remember thinking that I wanted to provide for my family. I was distraught that I was dying and yet there were certain things that I had done in my life that I regretted and other things that I regretted that I had left undone.” (4)

We’ll all find that there were plenty of things we could’ve done better on earth, but I think it’s important to keep in mind that we’re all doing our best. This experience is filled with ups and downs; highs and lows, and when we look back on it, we might be inflicted with all sorts of emotions and desires.

I’d imagine it’s especially intense for people who watch their lives play out before they reach the fourth dimension.

They might regret some things more than they would if they viewed them from, say, a fifth-dimensional perspective, and hopefully, those of us who are aware of our ascension and willing to do the work that’s required will be able to review our lives from the fifth dimension instead of the fourth.

Dr. Moody experienced his initial life review in the form of quickly moving pictures, he tells us.

“The flashback was in the form of mental pictures … but they were much more vivid that normal ones. I saw only the high points, but it was so rapid it was like looking through a volume of my entire life and being able to do it within seconds.

“It just flashed before me like a motion picture that goes tremendously fast, yet I was fully able to see it and able to comprehend it. Still, the emotions didn’t come back with the picture, because there wasn’t enough time.” (5)

Dr. Moody had little time for the emotion that’d ordinarily come with remembering certain aspects of one’s life (especially the more intense or heart-wrenching aspects), and it’s interesting to think that some people are able to interact with their life reviews and view different parts of their life by command.

It almost sounds like Dr. Moody tapped into his own personal, interactive Akashic Records.

Perhaps the Akashic Records are responsible for our life reviews, and if we knew this at the time of experiencing the review, we could potentially interact with it and do/learn a lot more than if we would’ve simply watched it with amazement.

Dr. Moody’s life review was the only thing he could see, but he felt the presence of a loving entity by his side the whole time.

“I didn’t see anything else during this experience. There was just blackness, except for the images I saw. Yet I definitely felt the presence of a very powerful, completely loving being there with me all through this experience.” (6)

This goes to show that our guides will be with us at the time of the review, but again, everyone’s experience differs. Some people might not feel the presence of any guides, whereas others might feel like multiple guides are in their space.

Regardless of the variations in experience, almost everyone eventually connects with a few loving guides who help them through their fourth-dimensional journey. We’re never left to deal with such a personal and revolutionary journey by ourselves, and when we’re back in the higher realms, we’ll have the endless, direct assistances of waves of guides and helpers.

Sir Alvary Gascoigne’s life review, which took place before he physically died, came in the form of memories.

“Then I remembered my life in phases as I grew up. The war, marriage, the children, the exam for the diplomatic service. My posts wandered slowly through my mind like a cinema. I went on working at one after another of our posts abroad. Paris, China, Hungary, Morocco, Hungary again after the war, Japan and Moscow.” (7)

Dr. Moody also said his review was like a ‘motion picture’, and this speaks to the similarity of an experience that’s otherwise unique to each person. No matter how we experience it, we review our lives in a very quick and rapid way, and when we’re ready, we can experience the next, more intense life review and witness the things we did on earth from a new perspective.

We’ll understand the importance of everything we did on earth, and we’ll see that our every action was instrumental to the earth’s restoration or destruction. Depending on which qualities we primarily fed into, light or darkness, we’ll see that we changed the earth for the better or worse.

Those of us who are aware of the positive changes that need made can work on completing the inner changes that are required before humanity can come together to repair this planet, and we’ll be glad we did when we look back on this life.


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