EneNews – Nuclear Expert: Fukushima Fuel Suspected ToBe In Ground… “It’s Going To Melt Right Down Into The Ground” When Heat Isn’t Removed, That’s Why These Are So Dangerous – Physician: “3 Of Fukushima’s Reactors Melted Through Containment… The Crisis Is Clearly ongoing” – 19 August 2014

enenewslogoSpeech by Dr. Andrew S. Kanter, MD*, Assistant Professor at Columbia University and Director of the Columbia International eHealth Laboratory (*Due to Dr. Kanter’s illness, Physicians for Social Responsibility Board Member Alfred Meyer presented his speech), published by Cinema Forum Fukushima on July 30, 2014 (at 2:45 in): “Three of Fukushima’s reactors melted down and through containment, allowing radioactive releases into the environment… The crisis is clearly ongoing and there was little reference [in UNSCEAR’s Fukushima report] to the potential of the ongoing releases to affect humans or the environment.” >> Watch the presentation here

Interview with Dr. Gordon Edwards, court-certified nuclear expert, by Crystal Kids Radio, Aug. 8, 2014 (at 48:00 in): “If you don’t remove that heat by circulating water… the fuel itself starts to melt, and it melts at a huge temperature, say 2,800*C. That’s almost twice as hot as the melting point of steel… it melts through other things as well… If you cannot keep flushing water through this core, in order to remove that heat, then it’s going to melt right down into the ground… That’s what makes these nuclear reactors so dangerous. That’s why the meltdowns occurred in three of these reactors… And they’re still dealing with the consequences. Here’s the amazing thing too… we don’t know how to stop the radioactivity, and the result is there’s still heat being generated… Right now we’re more than 3 years after the accident and there is still heat being generated by the fuel, even though it’s melted down into the bottom of the reactors and maybe even into the ground.” >> Full interview here

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More from Dr. Edwards:

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