Laura Bruno – Transform That Old, Expensive, Pain-In-The-Butt, Water Hogging Swimming Pool Into Your Suburban Farm/Garden! – 19 August 2014


This is so cool! I had seen information on this family soon after they began their project. It’s great to see how things have grown for them — and into a movement. Yet another way to grow food in the desert — or anywhere with an old swimming pool!

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Especially if you live in a place plagued by drought, like these folks do. He imagined his empty Arizona swimming pool with a plastic cover over it, and took it from there. Now his Garden Pool idea has become a movement.

Who says we can’t re-vision our own regenerative future? It’s time we just looked around, paid attention to where we actually do live. Let us take off our conceptual helmets, the ones that keep us entranced in a certain “belief system,” and open to the universe. Let our imaginations loose — to notice the missed, or unnoticed opportunities — and from there, simply begin, one step at a time, the redesign, the reconfiguring of our entire way of life on this precious planet Earth. What’s to lose?

These folks feed their family with a garden in their swimming pool — and you can, too

August 18, 2014

By Sara Bernard 

When Dennis and…

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