Laura Bruno – Perspectives On Ferguson – 21 August 2014


This is an excellent compilation of perspectives on Ferguson, gathered by Ann. I highly, highly recommend the John Oliver video. Language warning, but he is so right on.

Originally posted on Exopermaculture:

I mean, I coulda picked Ukraine, or ISIL, or Iraq, Ebola, or deep drought or flooding, or Gaza/Israel, on and on, no end to the developing horrors on this day when Mars closes in on Saturn in Scorpio. But somehow, the Ferguson freak-out show has captured the world’s attention right now. Or maybe it was meant to? Is this drama yet another staged false flag? Or is it that “they” come in and amp up whatever happens on the ground, funnel it in a direction that will benefit “them,” usually in multiple ways. Here, for example: FEAR OF THE BLACKS, FEAR OF THE OTHER, FEAR OF THE POLICE, FEAR OF CHAOS, NEED FOR ORDER, MARTIAL LAW, ETC. ETC. The usual “Problem, Reaction, Solution” to gradually ratchet up the controls of centralized state power.

Or maybe it isn’t a false flag, because other countries not so “exceptional” as the…

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