Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 21 August 2014


It is a fine day this day and with it we will be taking some leads to bring to you plenty of wonderful signs of progress on your front. We will be garnering them in a way that will bring you lots of good feelings and enough knowing that will come from within to tell you that ‘times are a changin’. This is a fortitude that you are changing to a sense of delight that will carry you through the days and nights that are coming. You will see the beauty in many of the obstacles that have been with you, and they will now become ways of taking the time that you will see have been necessary in order for more of you to awaken and smell the roses of new life.

There will be changes that will erupt in the weather patterns and in the ways of the animals. You will see the expectancies change of what you have experienced in the past several years. The times of social unrest will melt away into an acceptance of what has been. That will bring about the new ease of living in the new energies that will come from it. More and more you will see much of the ways of seeing what other people do in a different way. You will be able to accept them for who they are and what they bring to their lives and yours. This will allow the new paradigm to flow into your lives and to bring about a more pleasurable lifestream.

The effect this will have on your lives will be more in keeping with what you like, but may not have realized you could create just by the acceptance of what is. Instead of trying to change it, the changes that are in line for anyone to be in harmony with what is, will come about in a short time. That is the nature of the harmonic energies and the willingness to stay in the mode of joy, peace and Love.

I see so many of you already in that newness of peace. I see you generating the love that brings about changes, not only in your lives, but in all that is around. That means that as each particle of light beams forth the love that you emit, it brings about a manifestation of itself in all that is around it. That is how the wholeness of the world comes into harmony. Realize the power of the One and you will already be in that power expressing it in a way that brings about total peace, joy and love in the instant of the moment.

I highly recommend that you sit back and enjoy what you have created in your life, no matter what it is. There is a reason for it. Then when you are able to see what you may not have felt good about, then you can see why you created it and how by seeing it in a different way, you can come to the forgiveness of it and thank yourself for the experience, as you move on from it. That is your power in example that you present to the world. That is the power that helps to bring about the changes through acceptance of what has been and what is. It reverberates around the world and unites you all in a way that creates the evolving acceptance of all that its.

I leave you now in the knowing that you are the angels on earth and the leaders of the changes that are in progress. You are bringing about the wonder that is in place and the reverberations that are being felt throughout the universe. Go forth in this day and enjoy what you feel and see, for your part in it is powerfully accepted with every turn of the globe. Be in peace, have joy and send your Love from within to all of Creation.

Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate link to original article


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