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Jon Rappoport – Vaccine-Autism Connection: US Congressman Stonewalled By The CDC – 21 August 2014

jon7With a CDC whistleblower standing in the shadows, claiming the CDC has known about the vaccine-autism connection for 10 years, the cover-up is threatening to blow sky-high.

And now Florida Congressman Bill Posey has sent me a statement about his experience with the CDC.

Posey has been trying to obtain specific data about a 2004 CDC study which claimed the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine has no role in causing autism. Continue reading


Cop Suspended For Threatening To Kill Ferguson Protesters, Journalists – 21 August 2014

RT logoA suburban St. Louis police officer has been suspended indefinitely for threatening to kill protesters and journalists in Ferguson, Missouri while he pointed a rifle in the crowd’s direction during a demonstration this week.

Lt. Ray Albers, 46, a 20-year police veteran, was caught on film by livestreamers yelling at protesters and journalists, “I will fucking kill you, get back, get back,” with his rifle aimed on them, urging the crowd to disperse from the area. The incident occurred late Tuesday night amid civil unrest over the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Albers yelled, “Go fuck yourself,” when asked his name by livestreamers. A superior county officer quickly defused the situation, the St. Louis County police department said, pulling Albers back from the crowd.

The sergeant “immediately took action, forcing the officer to lower the weapon and escorting him away from the area,” a statement from the county department said

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Google Is ‘Distorting’ And Undermining EC Privacy Ruling – EU Justice Commissioner – 21 August 2014

RT logoGoogle and other prolific search engines are “distorting” and undermining the European High Court’s recent ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling, the European Commission’s (EC) most senior justice official has warned.

The EU Justice Commissioner, Martine Reicherts, has accused the tech giant and other internet search engines of effectively undermining planned data protection reforms.

The controversial ruling, which allows individuals to request search engines remove links to web pages about them online, has been endorsed by multiple privacy groups around the world. But certain search engines and groups advocating freedom of speech, oppose the legislation.

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Experimental Drug Success: US Ebola Doctor To Be Discharged After Recovery – 21 August 2014

RT logoAn American doctor who contracted the Ebola virus while treating patients in Liberia has recovered and will be discharged on Thursday after being treated with the experimental drug, ZMapp.

Kent Brantley was treated in Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Georgia; a second doctor with Ebola Nancy Writebol is also being treated with ZMapp there.

Brantly is expected to leave Emory after a news conference, according to a spokesperson for Samaritan’s Purse, the charity for whom he works, Reuters reports.

“I have marveled at Dr Brantly’s courageous spirit as he fought this horrible virus with the help of the highly competent and caring staff at Emory University Hospital,” Franklin Graham, the president of Samaritan’s Purse said in statement.

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Bank Of America Agrees To Record $17Bn Settlement Over Mortgage Fraud – 21 August 2014

RT logoAmerica’s second largest lender has reached a $16.65 billion settlement with US federal authorities over selling bad mortgages, the Justice Department said Thursday.

“This historic resolution – the largest such settlement on record – goes far beyond ‘the cost of doing business,’” Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement posted on the US Justice Department website on Thursday.

The bank will pay out $9.65 billion in cash and $7 billion for consumer relief – such as modified home loans and refinanced mortgages.

“Under the terms of this settlement, the bank has agreed to pay $7 billion in relief to struggling homeowners, borrowers, and communities affected by the bank’s conduct. This is appropriate given the size and scope of the wrongdoing at issue,” the statement says.

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Polish MEP Urges Europe To Stop Russian Ruble Trading – 21 August 2014

RT logoTo make sanctions against Russia efficient, a Polish MEP said they need to be “preventive, prophylactic sanctions,” rather than reactive. Ryszard Czarnecki represents one of the countries hardest hit in the “sanctions war” between Russia and the West.

The Russian ruble should stop being a convertible currency, the ruble should be excluded from international financial turnover,” RIA quotes Czarnecki speaking at Poland’s parliament.

To counter Russia’s aggressive military actions, pre-emptive sanctions should be considered,” Czarnecki added.

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End Of The Line: GMO Production In China Halted – 21 August 2014

RT logoIn a surprise U-turn, China’s Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to continue with a program which developed genetically-modified rice and corn. Some environmentalists say public concerns about GM crops played a key role in the decision.

On August 17, when these permits were up for renewal, the Ministry of Agriculture decided not to extend them. In 2009, the ministry’s Biosafety Committee issued approval certificates to develop the two crops, rice and corn.

Developed by the Huazhong Agricultural University, near Wuhan, it was hoped that the GMO strains would help to reduce pesticide use by 80 percent, while raising yields by as much as 8 percent, said Huang Jikun, the chief scientist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told Reuters in 2009. It is illegal to sell genetically-modified rice on the open market in China.

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Intl Manhunt Underway For ‘British’ Extremist In Beheading Video – 21 August 2014

RT logo(Lucas: the beheadings video is in itself questionable you can also listen to what is said about it on UK Column News from yesterday or on other websites. So keep an eye open for manipulated videos and other media manipulations. Isis is holding us back from the crisis within our own Europe/EU/USA and what is going on there. In itself all those extremist groups have been funding years ago with money from USA/and intelligence services. We are so-called fighting now that what was created. See it like the 9/11 attacks that where domestic and instated the word Al-Queda and terrorist hammered it in our brains. Freedom became nothing more than more taking of rights because it would protect us against an enemy that was not foreign…!! We saw an NDAA and lots more. It became clear the threats were convenient and false flags followed as the gun rights and rights and other constitutional rights were slowly hollowed out. More and more so called authorities got policing rights and got weaponized into what we now see as militarized police forces. The misconduct and handling of humans , corruption and right out police abuse and state terror is now institutionalized. Incidents we can not call it anymore if people right out are just shot. Serve and protect is nothing more as serve and protect the inconvenient truth of an incompetent police force that does not serve the people anymore but interests of others and even sweeps the mistakes and faults under the carpet. See it for what it is… In my own country a video was shot by several people in questionable police interference. We need to get things back into balance and the outcry of stopping the extreme control and abuse of powers outside of the constitution or even common or natural law has to end. )

UK intelligence services and police are trying to identify a suspected British jihadist who beheaded a US journalist in a video released by the IS. A report suggests he could be the leader of a group of British fighters holding foreign hostages in Syria.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said it looked “increasingly likely” the man thought to be involved in the beheading is British, but that it was “not a time for a knee-jerk reaction.” Cameron also said the government would “redouble” efforts to stop Britons traveling to Iraq and Syria to fight.

An international manhunt is now underway, with the FBI, MI5 and Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command scrambling to identify the executioner in the video.
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Police Open Fire, Use Tear Gas On Crowds As Liberia Struggles To Contain Deadly Ebola – 21 August 2014

RT logoFour people were injured in clashes when soldiers opened fire and used tear gas on demonstrators in the quarantine zone in the Liberian capital, Monrovia. It’s as the world tries to contain the fatal outbreak and to find a cure for the deadly disease.

The death toll from the spreading virus mounted by 106 in just two days, and constituted 1,350 victims. In Liberia alone, 576 people have died from 972 cases, AFP reported.

The clashes broke out after the Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf quarantined the West Point and Dolo Town areas, to the east of Monrovia, and introduced a curfew.

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Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Forgetting Shame – 21 August 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupForgetting Shame

Blessed being, you are a unique and magnificent form of Divinity on Earth. You are rejoiced and cherished in ways that you can not always sense. Yet there is Love continuously being transmitted to you. It is a natural functionality of all that Life is. Your sun, for example, could be reduced to a formula of chemicals and reactions that sustain your life. These are visible and true, yet only part of the story. Look deeper within the functionality to observe the Love manifest, for it sustains you. It is within ALL aspects of Life. It is manifest in chemicals, in reactions, in smells, thoughts, words, deeds, challenges and nurturance. Love manifests into chemicals, into experiences, into ALL that Life is. Be well with ALL aspects of Life, for it is Love manifest, it is changing constantly and your Free Will choice is the true catalyst of change. Without your Free Will choice, Life will continue and eventually return to the Love it is. Your Free Will choice, your focus, merely speed the Pace of the return to Love. It is your work of Ascension, it is your work of being Divine human. All other aspects of Life around you support and sustain this integration. Continue reading