Lisa Gawlas – The Creamy Middle! – 22 August 2014

lisagawlas2After two and  a half very long weeks, I am FINALLY plugged back into the field of Life.  HURRAY, I can See, I can See!!  lol  Sorry, just still a little excited.  I feel much much better, the only thing lingering is the elephant that shows up to sit on my chest every night, but other than that, I am golden!!  Let me apologize too for being incredibly behind on emails, I am catching up tho.  Sleeping 18 hours a day has me wayyyyy behind!

After years of pleading to spirit “why can’t everyone be the same” I got my wish yesterday.  There was a major element that was the same for everyone, which actually made reading and understanding (once I got past the first one) easy!!  Before I start, let me give you my fantastic artwork of the way the field presented itself yesterday:

the current field

The bottom picture, as humble as it is, is the way everyone showed up yesterday.  The star represents the person themselves, the golden energy to me looked very much like honey, thick honey colored liquid with like air bubbles in it.  Everyone I connected to yesterday was standing in this honey… the creamy middle of the three super moons.

There is an incoming wind from both directions, the mid to end of august and the beginning to middle of september, which is what has created this honey like substance.  Even the energy months of August and September overlapped each other to create the area  I have colored golden (close to honey colored!) inside the two.  What is happening to every person at this time, is this coagulation of energy is seeping up from the soles of their feet and distributing itself thru the entire body construct.  You can almost look at it like getting a blood transfusion, only in the energy system.  It is serving to recode the entire body all in preparation for life after the last of the triple super moon series.

Just to make a mention here, this triple super moon series has not happened in 20 years and will not happen again in another 20 years.  1994 thru 2034, thats a 40 year cycle peaking in its intensity at this very moment in all of our lives, the apex of a massive cycle of growth and/or decay.  You cannot have one without the other really.

Now to make it more clear (I hope) the energy blowing in from august is everything you have put out there (from your core energies), thought, desired, created, ect., The energy blowing in from september is that which crystallizes it all.  In my own strange way of seeing things, I kind of see it like an M&M, chocolate on the inside, candy shell on the outside.

What is really interesting and puts a whole new twist on it all, is one of the lady’s I read for yesterday, I was able to see this honey like energy move up and thru her and emit itself outwards to create a brand new bubble of reality/experience.  This bubble was really sticky, like honey would be lol and spirit kept saying this is like an enhancement from the magnetic grid, all you desire, even the things you don’t realize you desire, stick to you.  However, out job is to pull in all the things that are sticking to our reality bubble and pull them into our personal space.  Thats when I seen the fibrous network inside the bubble and what looked like honey dripping from each fiber.

This is a time of stillness for many people, and a great example I got to see was when a lady asked about her son.  I seen him being peeled like a banana and all the insides being scooped out as what will make up the new gets put inside.  In this place, there is nothing you can do.  It may even feel like a complete disconnect from everything, its now at all, its a pause for the cause as everything that is you changes.

Ohhh and soul gym members, there WILL BE a soul gym tonight!!  Thank you for your patience with me as well.  My day begins!!

I love and cherish each and everyone of you.  Thank you for your extreme patience with me as my banana got peeled and formatted!!

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