Larry Larson – Building Your Community Brick By Brick – 24 August 2014

LarryLarsonWhat about building your community brick by brick?

Your creations come to you piece by piece rather than all in one lump. The value to this is in allowing you to gradually adjust your vibration to the normalcy of your new beingness. Your life experience comes to you as a whole experience: the you as a physical being, and the environment that you perceive. But it’s really the whole enchilada; you are your entire field of experience not just that physical body that you wear.

So it’s not just a matter of you getting used to your new surroundings. It’s also a matter of you getting used to you living the life of your dreams. You not only have to adjust your vibration to be a match for the life of your dreams you have to feel normal within it. That’s the vibration you have to practice. So you have to recognize each new piece as it comes as part of your desired future. You must celebrate everything!

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~ Twelve / via newsletter 24 August 2014


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