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China May Unveil Homegrown OS Rivals To Windows, Google And Apple – 25 August 2014

RT logoFollowing revelations of America’s National Security Agency’s global internet surveillance system, combined with a desire to enhance domestic production, China is beating a path towards unveiling its own operating systems in October.

The Chinese-made substitutes would first be introduced on desktop devices, later expanding to include smartphones and other hand-held devices, Ni Guangnan heads an official operating system development alliance established in March, Xinhau reported at the weekend.

China bans government purchases of Apple gadgets – report

“We hope to launch a Chinese-made desktop operating system by October supporting app stores,” Ni told the trade paper.

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Active Shooter At VA Fort Lee Army Base – All Clear Given – 25 August 2014

Image from facebook.com/59thOrdnanceBrigade
Image from facebook.com/59thOrdnanceBrigade

An active on-site shooter was reported at Fort Lee Army base in Virgina, forcing it into lockdown and leading the base to enact active shooter protocols. An ‘all clear’ was later issued by the base.

“Active shooter incident reported at CASCOM HQ, Bldg. 5020. All personnel enact active shooter protocols immediately. Post on lockdown,” the Army base tweeted.

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John Ward – Analysis: 4000 Holes In The Global Economic Outlook – 25 August 2014

JohnWI read the news today, oh boy – 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire

The Beatles, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

While David Cameron does a bit of overweight body-surfing in Cornwall, I’d like to point out that his Twitter mantra – ‘This shows that the Government’s long-term economic policy is working’- needs some refinement. The most succinct improvement would involve the addition of one word (‘not’) and then to try and find a sensible, community-based alternative to the spineless Labour Opposition…whose fat MPs are also doubtless fulfilling invites to various Vodka palaces across the Mediterranean. Continue reading

89 Palestine families Wiped Out By Israel’s Gaza Campaign – 25 August 2014

RT logoAt least 89 entire families have been killed in Gaza since Israel started its military campaign, Palestinian health officials said. The Judeh family, a woman and her four children, died after an airstrike hit their house reportedly without warning.

The incident happened in Tel Azatar, in the northern part of the Gaza strip and the family of five was killed instantly, after the Israeli Defense Forces launched their attack, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports. Locals said no warnings were given that airstrikes were imminent.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Palestinians on Sunday they should leave any building where militants are operating, to avoid potential death. Israel has targeted civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals, as it believes militants are using them to launch missile attacks.

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‘All I Want Is Peace’: Father Of Slain Ferguson Teen Tells Hundreds Rallying Against Police Violence – 25 August 2014

RT logoHundreds have gathered in St. Louis for the annual Peace Festival, which this year took on a special theme following the slaying of 18-year-old Michael Brown by the police. The boy’s father used the opportunity to ask for peace at his funeral on Monday.

The aftermath of the black teen’s August 9 shooting has seen two weeks of sometimes violent protest by the African-American community against the brutality of the largely white police force in Ferguson, highlighting racial tensions that still permeate American society. The tactics used by the police, clad in riot gear, also drew much attention during the unrest.

Michael Brown Sr. marched on Sunday, together with the crowds, while the parents of the slain black Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin, were also present to draw attention to the issues and advocate for peace over violence.

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Jon Rappoport – CDC Whistleblower, Watch Out; Here Come The Mothers – 25 August 2014

jon7I have it on good authority that over 200 mothers of autistic children are readying a class-action suit. They already have an attorney.

They will sue, at the very least, the authors of the 2004 DeStefano study that claimed there was no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

CDC whistleblower William Thompson, who was one of the authors of that study—and then exposed it as a fraud—should take notice.

He can become a witness for these mothers, or if he goes into seclusion and refuses to make a clear, complete, and definitive public statement, he could wind up being sued. Continue reading

French Goverment Resigns Amid Rancor Over German Austerity Pressure – 25 August 2014

RT logoThe French government has resigned despite being formed just 4 months ago. They quit after ministers slammed President Francois Hollande’s plans for taxation and cuts, while also being critical of Germany’s austerity program.

The statement published on Monday said the new office would be formed on Tuesday and would be in the “direction he (the president) has defined for our country.”

Following the 2008 financial crisis, Germany has taken the lead to try and resurrect the EU’s economy. This has been marked by cutbacks and taxation, which have not proved to be universally popular within the eurozone. Economics Minister, Arnaud Montebourg, an outspoken critic of Germany, believes that country has hindered France’s development.

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War Planes Bombard Libyan Capital As Islamists Seize Control Of Tripoli And Airport – 25 August 2014

War planes have bombarded Tripoli, while the city’s main airport was severely damaged by fire. This came a day after it was captured by rebel fighters, the Fajr Libya (Dawn of Libya) coalition, who also says it has control of the Libyan capital.The rival sides accused one another of setting the airport ablaze. The airport’s main building was completely burnt down, and all planes that were parked in front of the terminal were damaged, along with houses and office buildings on the road leading up to the airport, Reuters cited witnesses as saying.Libya’s capital was also bombed by unidentified war planes, according to residents. Witnesses heard jets flying over, followed by explosions. Diplomats, foreign nationals and thousands of Libyans have fled the capital.

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CommonDreams – Community Members Raise Voice Against Police Violence In Staten Island March – 25 August 2014

commondreamsDemonstrators in New York could be heard chanting “I can’t breathe!” — the last words of Eric Garner — and “Hands up, don’t shoot!” which became a powerful refrain in Ferguson, Mo. and across the nation following the killing of Michael Brown

A march on Staten Island in New York City is underway on Saturday where community members are voicing outrage over persistent patterns of police violence nationwide while they also commemorate the recent deaths of several black men at the hands of officers accused of using excessive force.

Organized by those mouring the recent killing of Eric Garner, who died after being aggressively tackled and choked by Staten Island police officers last month, the demonstration is also being joined by people from all over the country, including the parents of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old black teenager who was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9. Brown’s death sparked more than two weeks of protests in Ferguson and a national dialogue about race, police accountability, and the increasingly militarized nature of local U.S. law enforcement.

“We hope it will be a success and people will understand why we’re doing it,” Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, told the New York Daily News on Friday. “We hope the people who are supposed to hear our outcry respond to it.”

The mother of Amadou Diallo, a man killed in a 1999 shooting by four NYPD officers, also spoke Saturday morning ahead of the march and said: “Police cannot judge our sons and execute them for no reason.”

Though streets were blocked off for the march and some businesses reportedly decided to close to avoid the expected crowds, the march was billed as peaceful rally. According to the Staten Island Advance news site—which is providing live coverage of the march— the early police presence attending the rally was “conspicuous but subdued.”

A video loop of protesters in Staten Island via Vine:

Led by Rev. Al Sharpton’s  National Action Network, the NAACP, United Healthcare Workers East (1199 SEIU) and the United Federation of Teachers—the march brings together a wide array of community groups and individuals offering a shared message against police violence and the need to address a woeful pattern of treatment against communities of color, especially young people who face glaringly disproportionate levels of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of officers.

“We aren’t saying all police are bad,” Sharpton said in a statement. “We aren’t marching against the police. We are marching against the chokehold.”

Marching under the collective banner of “#WeWillNotGoBack,” the hashtag was trending on Twitter as it tracked the day’s march:
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Israeli Bombing Intensifies In Gaza As Does Push For ICC ‘War Crimes’ Inquiry – 25 August 2014

commondreamsHamas signs off on Palestinian efforts to join International Criminal Court as international legal experts demand accountability

By Jon Queally, staff writer

The push to engage the International Criminal Court in an investigation into possible war crimes by Israel for it military attacks on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip is gaining steam among Palestinian political factions as well as members of the international legal community. Continue reading