Wes Annac – Mediumship: Connecting With Humanity – 25 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Most of us have read the channeled messages that are delivered through mediums, and some find them very valuable.

These messages contain a lot of interesting information about the realms that exist beyond our conscious perception, and avid followers of them have learned a lot about the higher realms and the infinite amount of souls who exist in them.

Mediumship has been around for a long time, and while channeling is popular in many of the spiritual circles these days, people have been doing it for centuries. It was probably suppressed by a lot of governments and religious authorities in the past, but its practice is generally accepted today.

Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘accepted’. It’s put up with, but our mainstream culture, which refuses to believe in anything beyond the reality around us, still dismisses it as nonsense despite the wealth of detailed and, to me, genuine messages we’ve been given.

Something tells me that the practice of mediumship (and channeling in general) will be seen in a new light as consciousness continues to rise, but for now, society still sees it as the product of the imaginations of the people who practice and advocate it.

Here, I’d like to learn more about the subject of mediumship by examining some quotes about it from actual, channeled entities. Whether or not you believe the quotes we’ll examine are real, they provide insight into what the channeling process is like from the other side of the veil.

Those of us who are particularly interested in spirit communication have probably read up on what the process is like from the perspective of the people who practice it. Thanks to the wealth of reports we’ve received about the process from the other side, however, we can now learn what it’s like for the spirits who do the communicating.

We’re going to hear primarily from fourth-dimensional sources who speak through mediums, and they’ll give their perspective on what it’s like to communicate with humanity through willing and open scribes.

As we’ll learn, we have to be pretty open to successfully channel, and our guides on the other side wait for us to open our channels so they can tell us all about the realms they’re in and the infinite perception they enjoy.

First, we’ll learn a little bit about mediumship from the website ‘Wings for the Spirit’.

“Mediumship is the ability to sense Spirit (most often those who have lived on earth before, but this includes Spirit Guides/Angels too), and decipher the messages they wish to share with us. This is not always an easy thing to do, but it is an ability that we all have. Some are born with this ability already fully developed, while others have to work at it some.” (1)

Whether or not we’re ‘born’ with it, we can develop our latent ability to channel energy and information from the higher realms if we make a focused, dedicated effort. We can do anything we’re committed to doing, and if the idea of channeling resonates with us, we can dive in head first and see how far we can take the ability.

Even if we aren’t great at it at first, we’ll sharpen and hone the ability if we keep at it and refuse to fall prey to doubt or our perceived inabilities.

Now, we’ll learn about mediumship from our sources in the fourth dimension.

Ethel Mclean tells us that the hardest part of communicating with humanity is finding willing and receptive scribes to speak through.

“Dad has pointed out also that great progress is being made on this side in devising ways and means of getting through to [your side]. Our greatest difficulty is lack of co-operation on your side.” (2)

The spirit leader Imperator tells us that transcending the ego is essential if we want to channel our guides.

“Mediumship is a development of that which is, in another soul, genius. Genius, the opened and attentive ear to spirit guidance and inspiration, shades away into mediumship. . . .

“Man’s individuality must be lost, as yours is now, before truthful and clear instruction can be given, and therefore it is that such messages, so given as we now give this, are the voice of spirit speaking with the minimum of human error admixed. “ (3)

Once we find a connection, we’ll have to use it for positive and progressive aims, Imperator tells us.

“The opening of spiritual being to spiritual influence is what you call mediumship; it must be used for spiritual purposes, not for gain; nor for satisfying curiosity, nor for base or unworthy ends.” (4)

If we do find a connection with spirit and genuinely use it for positive purposes, we’ll have the ability to communicate waves of complex and intricate higher-vibrational impressions.

Our ability will eventually reach superhuman status, and all that’s required is to transcend the influence of the striving ego and open ourselves to the expressions of spirit. Channeling can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be difficult and draining if we aren’t in the right frame of mind/heart to do it.

When the ego’s influence is strong, channeling and plenty of other higher-vibrational abilities become harder and less worthwhile, whereas living in the heart and sending the ego packing seems to increase the purity of the connections we can make.

Imperator also tells us that the mediums who were active on earth are just as active in the fourth dimension, helping spirits who don’t have ‘the gift’ communicate through an earthly channel.

“The peculiarity is one of spirit only, not of body, seeing that it occurs in all varieties of physical frames; male and female, magnetic and electric, in the short and robust as well as in the puny and thin, in the old and the young.

“This alone would lead you to see it is not physical matter, and that conclusion is strengthened for you by the fact that the gift is perpetuated even after death of the earth-body. Those who on your earth have been mediums retain the gift and use it with us.

“They are the most frequent visitors to your world; they communicate most readily, and it is through them that spirits who have not the gift are enabled to communicate with your world. They are mediums for us, as you are for man.” (5)

It makes sense that the people who are active in communicating with spirit on earth will be just as active in the fourth dimension, and we never stop using our abilities.

In fact, whether we’re on the earth or in spirit, we’ll continue to hone and develop them. They’ll continue to grow stronger and stronger until they’re at a level we would’ve never thought or expected, and it all starts with the decision to open up to spirit and bring the resulting pure expressions through.

Imperator then tells us that the ability to channel can be a blessing and a curse, depending on how we use it.

“Remember all gifts of talent or mediumship are precious, priceless helps to progress; to be fostered and tended with prayerful care; to be abused or prostituted with terrible risk.

“They do but mean that their possessors live nearer to God and the angels; are more readily impressed by them; more open to assault by evil; more amenable to influence for good; and so to be cared for and protected more earnestly.” (6)

Channeling is very enjoyable, but there are definite risks involved that anyone who’s thinking about doing it should take into consideration.

Those who seem to be born with the gift are naturally opened up to the influence of lower and higher facets of their consciousness, and by consciously choosing to live in love, they can keep themselves away from the influence of any lower entity who’d seek to mislead or abuse them.

It can be difficult to stay out of the grip of lower entities here on earth, but by no means is it impossible. In fact, depending on how we choose to see it, it can be one of the easiest things we’ve ever done. One thing’s for sure: when we look back, we’ll be very glad we did it.

We’ll be glad we rooted ourselves in a loving, selfless perception instead of giving in to the endless demands of the ego, because we’ll have transformed our perception and strengthened our ability to communicate with the higher realms.

There’s a difference between mediumship and general psychic ability, Arthur Ford tells us.

“The best way to describe psychic ability is to give you some examples of its use. One would be having a premonition of danger.

“Or, if you’re trained, then all sorts of premonitions. Or, if you know how to do it, when the phone rings you know who’s on the line before you pick up the receiver. This kind of awareness is done with your own inner sensitivity. It doesn’t require the assistance of spirits.” (7)

We don’t need any guide to help us develop our general psychic abilities, and that’s one aspect of our journey we can experience alone. Of course, we’ll be given advice and nudged in the directions that help us develop these abilities, but our guides are primarily focused on communicating with us and helping us along this difficult ascension journey.

Certain aspects of this journey will ultimately be left up to us, but even in those areas, we’re given loving and helpful assistance. As long as we can open up to it, everything else will flow.

Arthur also distinguishes clairvoyance from mediumship and psychic ability.

“Then there’s clairvoyance. That’s something you do with the visual receptors in your brain. Clairvoyant sight is perceived in the psychic body and then transmitted to these visual receptors. It’s also something the psychic does for himself.

“He may have a little assistance from friends on the inner planes who come to teach him how to do it better. But he is essentially doing it himself with his own psychic mechanism. The psychic impulse works outward from the inner being in the form of a premonition, precognition, creative urge, or that sort of thing.” (8)

We’re given assistance with developing our clairvoyance, but the work isn’t done for us. Our guides don’t want to take all of the fun out of the work we do to uplift ourselves and the planet around us, but they don’t want to see us struggle so much that we fall short of all of our expectations either.

In our final quote, Arthur describes mediumship in relation to the two aforementioned abilities.

“Mediumship is something else entirely. Mediums are not necessarily psychics. Psychics are not necessarily mediums.

“A medium is someone who has an extra faculty that he worked very hard to earn over the span of several lifetimes. It’s an ability to step away from the physical personality and allow a spirit the medium trusts – in this case, me – to use his mechanism of consciousness for a span of time.” (9)

Even though we can develop our channeling ability if we want, we won’t perfect it overnight. A lot of hard work and dedication are required to develop and expand it until it’s as pure as we want it to be, and we have to be focused on developing it if we want to produce anything significant.

We have a wealth of telepathic abilities to choose from, and whether we want to develop our clairvoyance, our mediumship, or our general psychic abilities, our guides on the other side are ready to assist us. We’ll have to take responsibility for developing some of these abilities, but as we’ll soon find, we’re always given assistance – even when we don’t realize it.

Our guides are constantly with us, helping us deal with difficult situations and develop our greater abilities, and when we finally open up to them, we’ll find the energy and inspiration that seem missing for so many of us.

There’s plenty more material to discuss about this subject, and we might pick this discussion back up another time. A lot’s been said about the process of channeling, and the wealth of reports we’ll continue to receive will increase our understanding of this interesting practice, as well as our ability to do it.

Some of the reports we examined here date back pretty far, but with the extent to which spiritual awareness is growing, I’m sure we’ll have plenty more detailed channeled reports to sift through in the next couple of decades. I look forward to the time when everyone’s aware of spirit and willing to practice the abilities that come with such awareness, and in my eyes, this time isn’t very far off.


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