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Jon Rappoport – Update: CDC Whistleblower In Touch With Members Of Congress – 27 August 2014

jon7In a recent video interview with Brian Hooker, Gary Franchi of nextnewsnetwork.com has elicited several pieces of vital information.

Franchi’s interview is headlined: “CDC Responds: Admits Omitting Vaccine Data.” It is available at nextnewsnetwork and at YouTube.

Brian Hooker, PhD, Franchi’s interviewee, is one contact for CDC whistleblower William Thompson. Hooker has published a re-analysis of the CDC’s fraudulent work on the MMR vaccine, showing that the CDC indeed buried the connection between the vaccine and autism. Continue reading

California Senate Bans Warrantless Drone Surveillance – 27 August 2014

RT logoThe California State Senate has approved a bill that will drastically restrict how law enforcement agencies from San Diego to San Francisco can use unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, for policing purposes.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted 25-8 in favor of the legislation, AB 1327, setting it on course to go before the State Assembly once more for final approval of new amendments tacked on since lawmakers in that chamber last saw the bill in late January and passed it by a margin of 59-5.

Should the Senate give the bill another go-ahead, then the legislation will next likely land on the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown, a democrat, to be signed into law. Once enacted, it will limit law enforcement agencies from conducting drone surveillance by forcing police departments to obtain warrants before putting UAVs in the air, except in certain circumstances, like fires and hostage situations. Additionally, any footage recorded by these aircraft would have to be destroyed by the agencies that collect them within one year.

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UK Not Ready To Join US Air Campaign Against ISIS – 27 August 2014

RT logoUK government sources have expressed surprise at US media reports indicating that Britain is willing to take part in an air campaign alongside the US against Islamic State (IS) fighters in Syria.

Downing Street said there had been no request from Washington for the UK to contribute to air strikes yet. “Our focus has not been on air strikes. It is not under discussion at the moment,” a Uk government spokeswoman said. She also insisted that the UK would not send combat troops to Iraq.

The British response followed a report in The New York Times, citing unnamed US officials as saying that Britain and Australia would be willing to join an air campaign against forces of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria.

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Mental Health Crisis: Cases Of Suicide And Self-Harm Soaring On NHS Wards – 27 August 2014

RT logoNHS hospitals are experiencing a dramatic surge in the number of patients attempting to self-harm and take their own lives, new figures reveal.

The data, disclosed by an array of UK mental health trusts following Labour Party freedom of information requests, indicates suicide and self-harm attempts increased by 50 percent in mental health hospitals across Britain between 2010 and 2013. In the past year alone, incidents of patients attempting to take their own lives or inflict self-harm in these institutions has risen by 30 percent.

The FOI requests were tendered by Labour’s Luciana Berger, who occupies the position of UK Shadow Minister for Public Health. Fifty NHS mental health trusts were approached in total, and each was asked for the number of self-harm incidents and suicide attempts on their wards over the past four years. Twenty-nine supplied figures, while twenty one failed to respond.

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John Ward – Greek Radio & An American Repeal : Corporacratic State Censorship Powers Forward – 27 August 2014


We inhabit a planet where believers have produced a situation in which nobody knows what to believe any more

The European Broadcasting Union or EBU (a body supporting democratic, objective radio and not to be confused with the European Union or EUSSR, an undead corpse encouraging State party line fascism) is beginning to regret its decision to accept the Samaras Governmen tof Greece’s decision to shut up sorry down the Free Hellenic Public Broadcaster (ERT) – and support the governmental creation of NERIT. Continue reading

F-15 Military Jet Crashes In Virginia – 27 August 2014

RT logoAn F-15 military jet crashed in western Virginia early Wednesday, according to local media reports.

In Deerfield, Virginia, multiple news outlets have reported already that an aircraft crashed shortly after 9:00 a.m. local time in a wooded part of the region near Staunton, VA, around 180 miles west of Washington, DC. By 10:30, the Staunton News Leader had confirmed that a spokesperson for the National Travel Safety Board identified the aircraft as a military jet, and that a police scanner dispatch suggested one person had been on board.

Officials with the August County Sheriff’s Office told a local ABC News affiliate that a loud boom had been heard in the mountainous part of Deerfield at around 9:15 a.m., and that witnesses reported black smoke emerging from the scene. The News Leader also reported that Virginia State Police had been notified roughly at the same time of a plane crash, and that the debris was likely that of an F-15 jet.

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Russia May Extend Visa And MasterCard Deadline To Jan 1 – 27 August 2014

RT logoRussia’s Finance Ministry is ready to extend by two months the deadline for international payment systems Visa and MasterCard to set up domestic processing for Russian card holders, according to Deputy Minister Alexei Moiseev.

We will follow the schedule. We will analyze the situation, and if we see that they are not making it on time even though they have done everything possible – then we will consider this possibility (of extending the deadline),” Moiseev told a news conference on Wednesday.

Under the current law there is a legal possibility to extend the deadline to January 1, said the deputy minister, but that is undesirable, as the Ministry of Finance should “ensure the continuity of the transaction as soon as possible.”

The payment systems lack some functionality with online trading, but “its share is around 1.5 percent of all transactions,” Moiseev added.

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John Ward – The Paedofile : Rolf Harris Case…..A Travesty In Court, And The Corporacratic Motives Behind It – 27 August 2014

harrisadCan yer see whadditiz yet?

A PAWN IN THE GAME OF MEDIA & MINING?The Slog dissects the Rolf Harris trial, and offers more background about why the star was targeted in the first place.

Last night, I posted to assert, ‘careful analysis of current events – and preparation for future stunts – is what the decent citizens of hijacked sovereign States should be about’. Continue reading

Europe To Depend On Russian Gas For At Least A Decade – Fitch – 27 August 2014

RT logoEurope will remain heavily reliant on Russian gas for at least until the 2020s and potentially much longer due to the lack of an alternative, according to a report from Fitch Ratings.

The substitution of Russian gas is not expected, given the weak prospects for shale gas production, the lack of available imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the absence of significant pipeline projects in Europe which are independent from Russia, the rating agency says in the report released on Tuesday.

Any attempt to improve energy security by reducing European reliance on Russia would require either a significant reduction in overall gas demand, or a big increase in alternative sources of supply, but neither of these appears likely,” Fitch said in the report.

At best Europe could avoid significantly increasing its gas purchases from Russia, but Fitch’s analysis shows that in the long term the EU demand for gas will only increase. An average of 1.3 percent consumption growth per year is expected over the next 15 years, driven by economies’ recovery and the supremacy of gas fired electricity generation over coal and nuclear power.

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IMF chief Confirms She Faces ‘Negligence’ Charges In Multi-Million Euro Fraud Case – 27 August 2014

RT logoIMF chief Christine Lagarde has confirmed that she is being investigated for alleged “negligence” in a corruption probe when she was French Finance Minister in 2008, she told AFP.

“The investigating commission of the Court of Justice of the French Republic has decided to place me under formal investigation,” Lagarde told AFP.

The announcement comes after French magistrates investigated her alleged role in a multi-million-euro corruption case.

“I have instructed my lawyer to appeal this decision, which I consider totally without merit,” she said.

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