Wes Annac – Transforming The Earth: A New Paradigm, Disclosure, And Ascension – Part 3/3 – 28 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 2

Now, we’re going to look at the evolutionary process that’s been referred to as ‘ascension’. A lot of people in the spiritual circles are very interested in the idea that we’re evolving into a higher state of consciousness, and many seekers are starting the inner work that’s required before they can lighten their vibration and ascend.

The idea behind ascension is that we’re collectively passing through the fourth dimension and evolving into the fifth, and from the fifth dimension, we’ll continue to learn and grow, refining our vibration and continuously ascending to ever purer states of consciousness.

My perspective on ascension is that it’s a gradual process that steadily yet surely leads us back into the higher realms. I think there’ll be certain brazen energetic events that are related to it, and they’ll adjust our individual and collective frame of mind/heart to a higher level, but for the most part, the work is gradual and endless.

Tom Thayer tells us that ascension is a reunion with the heart space.

“Ascension – what does this mean? What are we talking about when we say we are going to ascend to a higher dimension? We will move into a higher vibration of light and energy, a higher dimension. We will move forward, upwards into the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age.

“But more than this, it is you going home where your heart is. You are returning to Love, the Love of your Creator, and the Love of your twin flame that is always reflected to you, the Love that the Creator has for just you. This wonderful opportunity is for all who make the choice.

“After you make the choice to follow this Spirit Path you need to ask for the help of your Guides and other team members. They will help you on this journey.” (1)

We have freewill to embrace ascension or reject it, Tom tells us.

“Free will is one of the most important laws of the Universe. No one will ever force you; it has to be your free will choice. Once you ask, there are many who are here to help you. If you choose and ask for the help with the Amazing Grace that has been sent for this special time, you cannot fail.

“You will move forward along with everyone else and Mother Earth to the Golden Age of Love and Peace. We are moving into a higher vibration and a higher dimension, where there is Unity Consciousness.” (2)

‘Unity consciousness’, Tom tells us, is “knowing that all life is a part of One, that all life is sacred and from Creator Source.

“Those who choose the Spirit Path are choosing to live in the light. Darkness cannot exist in the light. There is no dark or negative in the higher vibrations where we and the Earth are going.” (3)

Tom also outlines some of the features of the higher realms.

“We have a chance now, like never before, to ascend with our bodies – to ascend to higher vibrations where we will never need money, where there is no fear, no death, no sickness, no pain, no sorrow, no separation from loved ones or feelings of separation from our Creator.

“There are no feelings of not fitting in or belonging, just of being loved. The door is open to all. There are none who have ever wandered so far from the light that they cannot join with all and make the journey.” (4)

In the higher realms, all of the pain and separation we’ve experienced on earth will be things of the past. We’ll have purified our vibration to the extent that we swim around in constant blissful and loving vibrations, and the earthly pain and fear we’ve grown used to will have long been transcended in favor of this bliss.

In our final quote, Tom outlines the personal freedoms we’ll enjoy in the time ahead.

“Most life forms on earth are going along with us for the journey.

“The weather will moderate and the environment will be hospitable to all life forms. The air and water will be pure and abundant. You will choose your own pursuits and endeavors. You will experience true freedom of personal expression as all things will be done in Love. There will be peace, freedom, respect and love for all life on Earth.” (5)

This is obviously opposite from the current manner in which our planet functions, and while it might seem like a long shot to some people, it’s more than possible. We have the potential to create this loving, harmonious future, and all we have to do is find the willingness to contribute in whatever way works best for us.

Whether our contributions are large or small, they’re immensely valuable to the planetary ascension. The physical changes that need made will naturally follow suit when we make the most important inner changes, and all of the changes we want to make – inner and outer – will require willingness and faith in what we’re doing.

In my eyes, ascension (and the inner work that’ll help us achieve it) is more important than disclosure or any validation of the things we know and feel within, but disclosure is still important because it’ll help everyone see that our reality is nothing like we’ve been led to believe.

I don’t think we should fixate ourselves on disclosure or any other outer confirmation, and instead, let’s embrace the inner work we have left to do with the knowledge that it’ll naturally herald the resulting outer changes.

It’s important to focus on our ascension, in my opinion, and I’ll continue to do so with appreciation for everything we’ve learned about it so far.

Spiritually inclined writers, channeled entities, and a wealth of other helpful sources have told us a lot about our ascension, our new society and the changes that’ll help us achieve both of them, and now, it’s our turn to produce as much pure and potent work as we can in the name of our positive, spiritually abundant future.

Let’s get more active than ever, using our sacred knowledge to uplift waves of others who might’ve remained cut off from the influence of spirit, and let’s purify our vibration as much as possible along the way. We’re here to completely transform this planet, and we don’t need to wait for anything big or monumental to start our work.

We can start it right here, right now, and all that’s required is willingness and dedication.


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