Laura Bruno – CDC And CIA: A Close And Sick Relationship – 29 August 2014


This is an important FYI for anyone still on the fence about vaccines or about the close ties between the CDC and the CIA. Lots of documentation and statistics create a clear picture of what’s going on. Also highly relevant for people trying to conceive children!
Originally posted on 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:

August 28, 2014
Thanks to B.

VANCOUVER, BC – In a recent article entitled “CDC Ran the Tuskegee Experiment for 15 Years, Any Connection To Operation Paperclip?” a question was raised about the CDC and its possible connection to OSS/CIA’s importing Nazi scientists and doctors under Operation Paperclip.

“The timing of the CDC’s establishment in 1946 soon after at the end of war and “distinguished scientists” filling its laboratories is significant because it coincides with the US Government’s program Operation Paperclip, under the Office of Strategic Services (OSS – later the CIA).

From “Operation Nazification”:

“After World War II, the U.S. military hired sixteen hundred former Nazi scientists and doctors, including some of Adolf Hitler’s closest collaborators, including men responsible for murder, slavery, and human experimentation, including men convicted of war crimes, men acquitted of war crimes, and men who never stood trial. …

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