John Ward – The Saturday Essay: How Those Who Believe Can Justify Anything From Paedophilia In Rotherham To A War In Europe – 30 August 2014

JohnWThe revelations in Rotherham allow me to plough a familiar furrow, albeit in a different context. But the lesson remains as clear as ever: beware of those who believe.

To those who’ve been on the ground in places like Stafford, Plymouth, Wrexham, Chester and Manchester, the Rotherham scandal reveals nothing new at all. It is of course a change to see the MSM admitting that yet another conspiracy theory has turned out to be fact, but Rotherham’s Labour/cops/Pakistani taxi driver trafficking has been known to researchers for years. The same game in Halifax has yet to be uncovered – and no doubt there too idiots and dissemblers like Ed Balls will turn up and express saddened astonishment. What they will never, ever do is express contrition and regret.

Once a belief system is in place, it matters not a jot whether it is 10% flawed or 95% drivel: anything that contradicts it will be covered up by those who are fanatical adherents to the cause. In this case, the cynical dependence of the Labour Party on Pakistani-origin votes explains part of the disgraceful unwillingness to let the Law take its course; but far more significant is the desire of the police to be seen to be politically correct, and for the politically correct to believe that the stories are being put about by racist trouble-makers.

The record shows how, whenever Muslims are given access to government influence (and most people of Pakistani origin are Islamics) their first instinct over and over again is to restrict the individual’s ability to print or broadcast truth and reality. In late 2004, Iqbal Sacranie and the British Muslim Council came within a gnats of persuading the Blairites to outlaw criticisms of Islam even if the allegations were true. Only the ironically murderous London bombings of 2005 – a fortnight after Sacranie had called Islamic radicalism “a  Western myth” – destroyed their plans.

Like it or not, there is a cultural sweep from Algeria via Turkey to Pakistan that turns a blind eye to systemic paedophilia. This is a cultural difference, pure and simple, between Islam on the one hand, or Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism on the other. Other equally startling differences on the same lines include female genital mutilation, arranged marriages, and widespread evidence of misogyny. Paedophiles on the run normally head for one of two destinations: Thailand or North Africa. These are facts, and we should stop denying them. (There is evidence too that those trafficked abroad out of Plymouth arrive not in Amsterdam, but Tripoli. But of course, that’s just a conspiracy theory.)

Religion is and always has been the source of the heaviest censorship and suspension of disbelief. But the triumph of craven Ideology and Mammon in the West show that, just as often, believers do not need religion to misguide them.

I do like Russell Brand because I find his honesty and occasional searing insights both highly intelligent and very funny. But despite nearly a century of Marxist takeovers (every single one of which crushed civil liberty mercilessly into the dirt, and failed economically) he does insist on the use of this Muscovite syntax bollocks and phrases like true Socialism, plus the naive “we won’t make the same mistakes” and “only The Revolution can solve things”. For me, Solzhenytsin’s best book by far was the novella We Never Make Mistakes about the authorities in the Soviet Union. We only learn as a species by making mistakes: that’s why the Left never learns.

I have many likeable and valued friends who simply will not accept that, if properly controlled by mutualist culture (rather than regulated by ideologically created laws) capitalism could still be anything other than a thoroughly evil system. The Left’s problem today is horribly obvious: it still insists that the Left has all the answers. It believes.

The Right is no different. Edwarth Heath believed, in 1970, that Britain would reform and improve the EEC by being part of it. Margaret Thatcher believed in 1979 that, if deregulated, bankers would behave themselves and act in the general interest. Today, David Cameron repeats the obvious misconceptions of both Heath and Thatcher as cast-iron natural laws. No wonder it’s so hard to get a steer on the bloke. Believers beget believers, and then believers beget deceivers, who use racks and trial by fire and book-burning and concentration camps and Guantanamo andonandonandon. After that, the best bet is to beget the Hell out of there – if you’ve any sense.

After all the negative empirical evidence and scientific advance of those 44 years since the Sixties ended, there remain three camps of ruthless believers: the neoliberal devil take the hindmost fantasists; the ‘everyone’s lovely so let’s share it all out and have an EU with one currency control freaks; and the political wing of Islam.

Read even the comment threads at The Slog, and you will perhaps – if only briefly – share my head-banging frustration with those who (when advised that they’ve missed the point in previous outings) trot out the same point-missing rubber arrow again without bothering to answer the information that has been provided.

In 1832, after allowing the Reform Bill to pass in the Lords, the Duke of Wellington was berated by a Shires Tory for being “a Judas”. The Iron Duke replied, “Sir, when new information arrives from the battlefield, I change my tactics. Pray tell me sir, what do you do?” People like to believe. And the sad truth is that there is a 100% negative correlation between faith-fuelled belief and fact-based discernment.

Travel around many parts of the United States, and you will quickly realise that Ronald Reagan was a thrifty and saintly genius without whom America would now be a Kommunist country. Reagan left the US with the biggest national debt in its history, and promoted two utterly disproved concepts: trickle-down wealth, and growth via consumer credit. Equally, try to suggest to liberals that Barack Obama has been a spineless Uncle Tom who used dirty tricks worse than anything Tricky Dicky created…and well, you’re a Nazi right? Because Yes We Can.

The misguided comfort-blanket beliefs of the politically aligned have, clearly, resulted in the three sets of non-political fascists we face – real Nazis mind, not the one’s that have a permanent place under Peter Hain’s bed.

I refer of course to a troika of dangers – Islamism, neoliberalism, and European federalism – that doesn’t just threaten democracy: the avowed aim of Beelzebub’s trident is to dismantle it, and crush any opposition to their belief system in perpetuity. They may be three different types of terrorist, but they all have one obscenely terrifying thing in common: to kill any and all threats to the triumph of distortion.

Some would argue there is a fourth – socialism – but I’m afraid the numbers of those Marxist-derived radicals still unable to accept the mountain of evidence amassed by social anthropologists are dwindling. Socialism has been a catalyst in the promotion of delusional belief, not a result of it: it is in and of itself so unable to cooperate with other minority resistors, that yes – most certainly – it has hindered the task of building the case against both neoliberalism and multiculturalism. Its dogmatists have groomed its catalysts. But it is, assuredly, no longer a threat.

Islamism has emerged from a deadly combination of braindead American foreign policy and liberal pc fluffiness. Neoliberalism’s current triumphs are almost entirely the result of past financial and fiscal policies blindly followed by legislators. And European federalism has been actively promoted using the oldest Soviet trick of all: suggesting that those who oppose it are ageing crackpots suffering from a serious mental illness.

The only way to keep delusional belief systems on the road is via the encouragement of ignorance, the dissemination of lies, and the draconian use of censorship. Islam discourages the education, sexual awareness and social mobility of women. Neoliberalism protects the élite, discourages educationally-derived mobility, invents internally flawed concepts, and then uses a surreal melange of bent case history, tiresome repetition, and artificial interference to suggest everything is tickerty-boo. The Eunatics ignore democratic election results, remain in denial about cultural differences between North, East and Southern Europe, and then cover their tracks in an unholy alliance with globalist banking.

In a nutshell, the political class – for reasons allied to energy, money and votes – has appeased the distorted ideas of fascist Islam, greedy business, and bureaucratic corruption.

What I now believe, however, is that the game has moved on to another stage. This next base-camp of the barbarians involves very obviously anti-democratic censorship and – when this is resisted  – the development of mendacious propaganda to provide the rationale for it. As always, I’m afraid, the staid, smug and easily scared middle classes – and the wannabe mobs further down the social tree – are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

The Slog’s piece of nine days ago about the Foley video went viral for, I suspect, one chief reason: my limited but telling knowledge of filmic technique and body language was the perfect explanation of why the authorities lied about the nature of the ‘beheading’…and got it blacked out with all speed. Another conspiracy theory was, within four days, accepted as fact by the MSM.

The commonly accepted term for propaganda-based rationale is ‘false flag’: but that too now has overtones of wacky sites or (worse still) double-bluff disinformation put out by those who want to smear proper analysis.

What we are witnessing here is nothing less than Reichstag Fires being churned out on an industrial basis.

With impeccable but entirely predictable timing, Theresa May this week raised the level of UK-based terrorist threat to ‘severe’…but then made an idiot of herself by telling us not to worry, because Big Mummy was on the case – sort of akin to saying “We’re all doomed but see you next week children – same time, same place”.

Ultimately, this all comes back to the Brechtian Stalinist belief in The Good Lie. The Guardian under Rusbridger and his dotty clique maintains this belief firmly in private, while using C P Snow’s line ‘Facts are Sacred’ (above a feature called ‘Comment is Free’) in a classic example of risible authoritarian hypocrisy. Facts I presented there about Gordon Brown were deemed sacriligeous not sacred: and my freedom to comment there, five years later, remains absent.

Rigid belief breeds protectionism….and its tragic symptoms stretch far beyond legislatures. They produce murders in Soham, perversion of justice in Richmond, austerity in Greece, and – sooner rather than later – wars: be it confrontation in Ukraine, old enmities between China and Japan, or ethnic cleansing in Arabia. Later rather than sooner, our stupidity may well revive the oldest rivalry of all – France v Germany. / link to original article


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