Laura Bruno – Monsanto in Ukraine: IMF loan For Ukraine May Give GMO Giant A Backdoor Into EU – 31 August 2014

laura-of-the-rocksYep. No surprise here … So interesting in that Russia has come out with such a strong anti-GMO stance. They get sanctioned then boycott Western agriculture. Um, somehow, I think Russia’s getting the better end of the deal here. Certainly better than Ukraine. I’d pass on Frankencrops, too.

 ​Monsanto in Ukraine: IMF loan for Ukraine may give GMO giant a backdoor into EU

Reuters / Bogdan Cristel

Ukraine’s bid for closer ties with the west could come at a cost. With the IMF set to loan the country $17 billion, the deal could also see GMO crops grown in some of the most fertile lands on the continent, warns Frederic Mousseau.

Very few, not least the Ukrainian population are aware of these details, but according to Mousseau, who is a Policy Director at The Oakland Institute, in return for the cash, Ukraine could very well become a test ground for GMO crops in Europe, something the rest of the European Union has been looking to prevent. RT caught up with the Frenchman, who voiced his concerns at what may lay ahead.

RT: When this $17 billion deal is approved by the IMF and the Ukrainian ban on GM crops is lifted, does that mean it is just a matter of time before Ukrainian farmers grow modified crops?

Frederic Mousseau: This is very likely because there is a lot of pressure from the bio-technological industry, such as Monsanto, to have these approved in Ukraine. It is also part of the EU Association Agreement, which has a particular article which calls for the expansion of bio-technology and GMOs in Ukraine.

RT: If it was one of the pre-conditions of the multi-billion dollar loan, do you think it is fair to say that Monsanto has considerable influence over the IMF and the World Bank and even dictates terms to them?  Continue reading . . .

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