Lucas – Hyping A War To Benefit The Military Industrial Complex – 31 August 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsAfter reading again an article about the Ukraine there is no other conclusion to be taken than a Ukraine being used against humanity to get us into a war. The same counts for ISIS and other conflicts that have been instigated.  We are not nor have to be part of a conflict that was created by the EU/US and NATO.  The full-scale coming down on Russia is not done to stop a war or conflict but to escalate it into a real international war. Without real evidence in downing the MH17 plane by Russia in holding back the Kiev flight control evidence and further having a non-disclosure agreement on “an  investigation” is biased and of course not independent or clearly open for all to discern. Russia is made the aggressor. Ukraine forces are supported with help, and putting NATO troops or equipment in the neighbourhood of the Ukraine. Now even a rapid response force is readied to get into the Ukraine. Evidence provided on Russian troop movements into the Ukraine is questionable. Lots of countries are as part of the membership  of EU/NATO dragged into this conflict becoming an international war zone. War and repetitive naming Russia as the agressor or being the one responsible for the plane downing is pushed into the media and the heads of the still unawakened.  Propaganda is intensified.  The same with ISIS and Iraq news and Syria.

Syria did not happen as the new world war three trigger  so we try it now with the Ukraine. The war seeking hawks want their profits and power. The Military Industrial Complex needs to survive, isn’t it?!  Iraq will be bombed totally into oblivion and Iran if they could also. The US-EU/NATO are really de-stabilizing the world as the financial sector sees the ending of the FED and fiat currency fractional reserve banking system coming closer and closer. They can only push the inevitable change in going to keep humans from their natural rights being free and having abundance on this planet.  People need to see the real bigger picture and not only that what is fed to them by mainstream media propaganda and mind control. We need to say NO to our politicians and governments, EU, US and NATO and peacefully show it is enough.
Stop the so-called renewed revived cold war doctrine for the only reason to be seeing the BRICS countries, and especially Russia and China excluding the US dollar hegemony and the old FED system build. The system built by the BRICS is not a real new way but in a sort of mirror of old system way. We will see if this new old BRICS way is fully backed with GOLD, precious metals or other stuff.
I love to see all those opposing forces stop the infighting over who is going to be in control. We all upon this planet individually are in control. All together we need a really new way of doing things without the old systems , or new old systems and financial push for division and duality in fueling only prosperity through capitalism or money/currencies and financial systems. Humans  should see that representations of all sorts are not working for us anymore. We need to get back to see our planetary unity of humans as free individuals that can work together freely without systems and distribute the abundance that is upon this planet to all equally.
We need to get together and solve the problems created by a few that disrupted our lives for their own gain and power. No more hiding away or destroying already known free energy technology. We need to be working towards a totally free non-polluting living with our planet and clean up the mess (like Fukushima) and correct the lies us being told.
The decades already gone over the lies have created young human beings that have been mindcontrolled, manipulated and taught into believing the dogmas, doctrines and the falsified evidence through the criminal actions, corruption and fraud that is going on. If even countries are that scared about truths told…. We see the ongoing lies and control in criminalizing the truth to be expressed. Your natural rights are being taken or better said you let them take it. Freedom of gathering, freedom of protest, freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedoms in all sorts of ways are clearly in the last 25 years almost fully been taken (that is if you still believe in you been given freedoms and not having them always).
Laws and controls are put in place to keep you monitored, to keep you into (debt)slavery  to keep you from stopping the system as it is clear a NO is not a No in their vocabulary. It is clear a non-violent change is needed that is supported by all  technology that can be used also against the controllers.  Camera’s , Internet, social media, smartphones and so on are clearly seen as a weapon. Reporting via YouTube, etc, having an alternative news blog, video or news channel  is not welcomed. You will see trolls,  agents, regulations, repression, controls, etc. to help you comply the controllers power. Just get awake and see a peaceful change will take place if you all get working on it.
See it is starting with you all as individuals.  Seeing you are free always and abundance is for all of us on this planet here not to be abused or taken for gain, profit or  building power  or control over humanity. We have to get used to the real mindset that will be showing an equal access to all and distributing it all in the form of sharing and caring for each and all of us.  It is not about political systems put into place or labels put onto it. It is just doing it all from the heart and knowing we are all here to build this new paradigm as individuals being responsible for ourselves and our humanity as a whole.  We have to show it seems to those still thinking to be your custodians and nannies they are wrong!
Much love and light,

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