Israel Ploughing Ahead With Settlement Plan Despite Criticism At Home And Abroad – 2 September 2014

RT logoDespite a rift within the Israeli cabinet and international condemnation, Israel is determined to go ahead with plans to acquire 400 hectares in the West Bank, with the foreign minister saying it reflects “a wide-ranging consensus in Israeli society.”

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister, said the country stands behind its decision to appropriate the land in the West Bank, a move that has already stoked tensions with Palestine and around the globe.

Speaking at a media conference with US Congressman Ed Royce, Liberman said “Gush Etzion reflects a wide-ranging consensus in Israeli society, and it’s clear to everyone that, as part of any settlements, Gush Etzion would remain a part of the state of Israel. I think we stand behind that decision,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

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