Lucas – Questions Of Change – Are You Up To It? – 2 September 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsYou are fed war and terror…. do you see it?

Are you taking it in as you were taking in 9/11 without questioning?

Do you see the false information and the truths kept as the spin doctors of war and conflict are meeting for a higher war budget. They are ready declaring probably war at the people?  We have seen all around examples of total insane police, paramilitary and military misconduct, abuse of powers and force?

Lots of you are still kept believing in wrongful accusations and in misinformation and propaganda brought to you by the mainstream media. You also still belief in your education and other so-called belief it all controls of your mind….

Feel what is! See it for what it is and let go. We can change it by stepping out and doing it differently. We are not fighting anymore the old but prepared to show in being examples what can be done really new.

Are you still not discerning and seeing the continuous played out scenario’s the one after the other…  Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and of course Ukraine.

Did you follow the money, the creation of “terror” groups that now are fought after being instated and trained and armed by your precious governments?

See the financial system is just a part of the belief us story. If you stop believing in money that is already just a I owe you note, not even worth the paper it is printed on, the system will stop.

A pyramid of power is no more if you at the bottom say we take our power we have been giving back and the pyramid turns. You have the power dear humans. Each and every one of you. Inside!

Are you awake enough to say stop this and make a stand and doing things different.  Tax money paid for war machinery and financial gain of institutes that make you belief you have to pay debts and bills for that what is not yours.

If you are seeing that things do not add up than do not allow yourselves anymore to be willfully complying to that what is pushed or forced upon you.

You are the ones that came to make the change here upon this planet. Seeing that we are humans, all of us. Individuals that can work together to make things work out from a new perspective that is not gain or power over others but built on equal access to non-polluting and sustainable  resources that are here in abundance on this planet and kept scares. We ar We again and not us and them,

Food, Water, Energy, Transport, Homes, Health Services, all available for us all and not based on just profit, gain or power over. It is about wanting to create a better world, better natural health and free communities. We will be free without rulers, governing bodies or governance and just do all from a perspective that is best for all humans on this planet.

Are you able to shift your perspective, see the bigger picture and step out of the ongoing cycles that are kept for no reason but money, power of fictitious needs.

All is here and now for all. Just step into the new and find your way. The new is around you sprouting and flowing. Just see it and grab hold of it and get going.

We make it work peacefully and non-violent together. We are the ones you all have been waiting for.

Love and Light,


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