Méline Portia Lafont – Sacred Partnership – Channeled Audio + Written Transcript – 2 September 2014

Méline: What I am doing here is connecting through the heart portal whereas I connect with the ethereal realms of energy / the antimatter universe which is the energy behind the material universe.
There is a Golden gate in the heart portal where you can travel through. This through love and Twin Flame connection whereas you can reach another reality where you and your Twin Flame realize that you are a cell in the heart of God. The zero point is the point between the matter – and antimatter Universe and this energy can be found within you in the heart portal.
Ps: this was recorded live while looking at the Gate of Orion and sitting under a sky full of stars. At one point you will hear the battery of my phone beeping as this was recorded live while this information came in from my Higher Levels.
Mastery of Sacred Partnership
Sacred Partnership is the unification of souls that are connected on a soul- on a heart level and that are particles of the essence of your Being. It is about the unification of those memories which have been and which we have been sharing in various lifetimes and existences, planes, parallel realities, universes.
It is about the remembrance of your uniqueness, your energy signature and your atomic expression as through Sacred Partnership you combine that which is yours in another, you combine those forces of what you are made of; your true existence in the spark of the true essence of who you are. It is a collaboration fabric of all your fabrications, the fabrics of the core of your Being.
Sacred Partnership allows you to share in unity and unconditional love, to express that beauty that lingers in both, to unify and reblend those sacred and divine sparks of your flame of infinity ; it is as it were two flames, two beautiful suns or stars that are circling around each other and getting closer in the vicinity and to than again push each other away as a repulse, repulsing each other and than attracting each other again it is the dance of life of magnetics, it is the dance of polarity, it is the dance of existence, the pull and the push. That is what sacred partnership is about : the pull of your magnificent being, the pull of your core and the push of that which you are, that what you are as a being. To step away from that perception, to step away from the experience of that fractal of who you are and to commence again, to restart your journey: a new cycle, a rebirth.
Sacred Partnership has everything that I have just mentioned. It truly is about unification : the hearts reblend, the souls reblend and journey together as one as in this unified field and force of Love and this magnetic vibration of experience and existence. As the true nature of Stars are pure Sacred Partnership in Divine Love, the Sacred Partnership of Light and Love in one vibration forming a sun, forming a consciousness that is building and existing upon pure Divine Wisdom, pure Divine Love and high light of the God Consciousness expressed in the Light that It is. It is a Source of Creation, it births new planes of existence and consciousness. It brings the seeds upon this plane to once again get into this unity and unification through Sacred Partnership and so again the roles start to dance with one another, experience this play and this cycle of push and pull to again rebirth new consciousness and new existence and plant the seeds upon another plane and so forth and so forth…
Sacred Partnership combines everything that you are allowed to experience and to bring this forth into expression, the expression of your Godly Divine Tempel of your Being in the human expression which contains all the wisdom and the inner knowledge you possess and which you are made of.
The Sacred Tempels of Divine Love are on Earth. These Tempels have assembled enough fractals, codes to exist as a portal at this time to activate the unification of Twin Flames on Earth, the unification of the Twin Flames in the Self as to where balance comes forth and to activate the seeds of pure unconditional Love in unity upon this plane on Earth. These Sacred Tempels function as Portals in this Now and are connected through a Grid, through the Grid of Divine Love that is created and anchored by human kind : the Lightworkers, the Gate-Keepers, the wayshowers, the pioneers: all of you, and it is enhancing and increasing as we speak. And through these portals the experience of Sacred Partnership is allowed and embraced to be experienced in this Now.
You only have to open yourself to it and allow, to bring in the key codes of Sacred Unity and Sacred Partnership through the various embodiments that surround you on this planet of Earth.
But it all starts with the Sacred Unity in oneself, to combine the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies of your Being, to unify those energies of your Being and to rebalance as to where unification with other beloved beings that are part of you comes forth.
Many call it a Twin Flame Love. Sacred Partnership can also be experienced with others beings of your soul lineage, the twin souls and the soul mates as to where the most sacred and strongest sacred partnership that can be experienced is the Twin Flame : the part where you unite with yourself in full circle.
And as sacred Divine Cosmic Light languages are birthing upon this plane we do not only unify in sacred Partnership but too are we emanating in the sacred Light Languages of God, of the Divine Will and of God’s embracement and Love.
Express your beautiful being, express who you are in this life, in your truth. Bring your purity and beauty outwards, let it surround every being on this Earth, let it embrace this planet and encompass this planet. You all are a beautiful star upon Heaven, shining your Light, anchoring your Truth and bringing your Love and consciousness upon this plane.
Shine on my sweet friends.
With blessing and Love.
Méline Portia Lafont

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